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To meet your financial goals and objectives, you can start making investments in the Indian stock market. Foremost, you need to understand the fundamentals of the share market and then follow the steps required for making stock market investments. As the first step, you need to approach a reliable and trusted stockbroking entity, also known as Depository Participant (DP)., to open a Demat Account and a Trading Account. While the Demat Account acts as a repository of your dematerialisedshares and securities, the Trading Account allows you to make digital transactions. Once you make a transaction through your Trading Account, the corresponding amount of stocks will be added or deducted from your Demat Account. The equivalent amount for any sale and purchase will also be credited and debited from your savings account, which is linked with the two accounts.

The Trading Account is also known as a Share Trading Account or the Equity and Derivatives Trading Account. You can choose to open an Equity Trading Account with Motilal Oswal. Here, you get the crucial advantage of a 2-in-1 account or the joint Demat cum Trading Account. This account can be opened via a single application process and can help you not only store your shares in digital format but also make seamless equity investments. Another key advantage of this account is that at the time of opening your account, you can choose your preferred depository, either Central Depositories Securities Limited (CDSL) or National Securities Depositories Limited (NSDL). You get this advantage because Motilal Oswal is registered as a DP, both with CDSL and NSDL.

Once you open the best Equity Trading Account, you can trade in equities with ease and convenience. Do remember to consider the stock tips and market reports before making equity investment decisions. Remember, a trusted broking partner, such as Motilal Oswal, will help you determine the equity investment opportunities that are in sync with your investment horizon and financial goals.

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What is Equity Investment?

Open Equity Trading Account

Equity investments are simply investments in the share or stock of a company. To meet the fund requirements for growth and expansion, a company can provide its equity shares to people directly through an Initial Public Offering (IPO). After the IPO, these shares are listed across stock exchanges, such as the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE). While IPO is part of the primary market, the stock exchanges in the country are part of the secondary market. You can buy and sell the company shares in the secondary market through your Trading Account. Essentially, ownership of company shares means part-ownership of the total capital of a company. You can benefit from equity investments through receiving dividends or when the price of these shares appreciates or rises. Before making equity investments, you must remember that the stocks are subject to market volatility. To put it simply, the price of equity shares can fluctuate on the basis of a wide range of market factors such as:

  • Demand and supply:
    The basic market factors of demand and supply impact the price of equity shares. The price of shares can rise or fall in the stock market when there is a mismatch between demand and supply. For example, if there are lesser sellers for a particular stock but the demand is high, the price will appreciate. This is called a Bull market. In sharp contrast, when there are a large number of sellers and few buyers, the price of an equity share will fall. This is known as a Bear market.
  • icon Fundamentals of a company:
    The intrinsic value of a company plays an important role in determining the price movement of its stocks. These fundamental factors include earning and profitability, stock splits, dividends, mergers and acquisitions, expansion of business and so on.
  • icon Market reputation of a company:
    While positive news about a company typically results in optimistic market sentiment and appreciation of its prices in the stock market, any negative news, such as scandal, legal suit etc. can cause a pessimistic market sentiment and fall in the price of its equity shares.
  • icon Performance of the industry sector:
    The price of equity shares are also affected by the overall performance of the company’s sector. For instance, if the IT sector shows robust growth, the stocks of companies related to the sector can show a positive price movement.
  • icon Economic factors:
    Various economic factors, such as inflation, interest rate fluctuations, and more impact the price of equity shares.
  • icon National issues:
    National issues, such as change of government, political instability, disasters, the threat of wars/invasion, calamities and so on impact the price movement of company stocks.
  • icon International issues:
    Geopolitical events, such as military strikes, state of global financial markets, fluctuations of petroleum prices etc. affect the price of equity shares.

Thus, equity investments are subject to market risks and you must analyse a wide range of factors before making an investment decision. Though the price movements of equity shares cannot be predicted with absolute certainty, it is always advisable to consider the recommendations and insights from market experts. Once you open an Equity Trading Account with a trusted financial partner, such as Motilal Oswal, you can receive personalised and exclusive insights from equity specialists.

What is an Equity Trading Account?

Open Equity Trading Account

An Equity Trading account can be defined as an account that allows you to trade in equity stocks and derivatives. You can choose to open this account with either a full-service broking firm or a discount broker. While full-service brokers provide a wide range of services, including financial advisory and market research, discount brokers provide only basic services. Both types of broking firms are registered with government-owned depositories, including CDSL and NSDL.

To open an Equity Trading Account with a full-service broker you have to pay the requisite charges, such as the service fee and Account Maintainenance Charge (AMC). But in Motilal Oswal AMC and Admin charges are FREE for 1st Year.

You can open an online Equity Trading Account in a few, simple steps:


Register online with a trusted broking firm, such as Motilal Oswal by filling in the KYC form.


Provide your proof of identity, PAN card, copy of recent IT returns and other requisite documents.


Once your application is verified, you will receive a unique trading account number.

Why should you Trade in Equity?

To fulfil your financial goals, you have the option of selecting various investment avenues. Trading in equity shares can help you fulfil your goals because of the comparatively higher returns. Besides, the returns from equities can also allow you to tackle the inflationary trends in the economy, which deplete the purchasing power of money.

Let’s understand this with the help of an example. If you want to invest in a fixed deposit, you can receive an average return of around 6.5% per annum. However, the actual returns, over the long-term, is lesser because of taxation and inflation. But equity investments can provide you higher returns, ranging from 10% to 12% per annum. The actual rate of return, after considering inflation and taxation, will still be higher than the interest earned from an FD.

You can also benefit if the price of an equity share rises over the long term. Suppose you purchased 100 equity stocks of ABC company in 2012 at the price of Rs. 1,000 each and in 2022 the price of the share has increased to Rs. 2,000 per share. This essentially means you have doubled your investment amount. Even after deducting the 10% tax on long term capital gains and considering the reduction in purchasing power of money due to inflation, you still have earned a reasonable surplus amount.

Yet another reason to trade in equity stocks is that you can earn from your investments through corporate actions, such as dividends, bonus, and rights issue.

Thus, trading in equity shares can allow you to leverage the benefits from price fluctuations in the stock market. However, trading in equity shares is subject to market volatility and you must make an investment decision only after considering your risk profile. Choosing to open a Demat cum Trading Account with a leading stockbroking entity, such as Motilal Oswal, can help you make the right investment decisions

Benefits of Opening an Equity Trading Account

Opening an Equity Trading Account

Now that you know about equity investments and the process of opening a Demat Cum Trading account, here’s a look at the manifold advantages of the best Equity Trading Account:

  • icon Invest in a wide range of asset classes:
    The best Equity Trading Account will allow you to purchase and sell stocks, commodities, currencies, commodities, and more from a single platform.
  • icon Receive personal advisory and market news:
    The best Equity Trading Account, as that from Motilal Oswal, will provide you with dedicated support for your investment goals. For any assistance in trade, you can reach out to your personal advisory support team. Besides, you can benefit from comprehensive market research reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. You also get updated stock tips from equity experts. Motilal Oswal provides more than 30,000 research reports across over 230 companies in 21 segments.
  • icon Benefit from cutting-edge technology:
    Opening an Equity Trading Account with a reliable stockbroking entity can allow you to leverage the benefits of technology. For instance, Motilal Oswal provides the MO Trader Web platform, which can get you access to detailed analyses, market screeners to spot trending equity stocks, a single view of your positions, orders and limit, and more. You can also use the MO Investor App to trade from anywhere. This mobile-based app provides several unique features, including the option to place multiple orders across various stocks in a single click and the facility to slice your large quantity orders at a single price. Besides, you can set price alerts and receive real-time updates on your orders and positions.
  • icon Personalised investment plans:
    The best Equity Trading Account will help you receive access to personalised investment plans that corresponds to your individual profile.
  • icon Quick transactions:
    Did you know that the best Equity Trading Account can allow you to make transactions at lightning-fast speed? Yes, without worrying about the waiting period or delays in making sell or purchase orders, you can make fast and quick transactions.

With such benefits, don’t delay your decision to open an Equity Trading Account. Choose to open a Trading Account today and begin your investment journey in the stock market with confidence and poise!

Advantages of Equity Investment

Investment in equity stock can provide you with multiple advantages. Here’s a look:

  • icon Higher returns:
    As compared to other asset classes, investment in stocks, over the long term, can get you to receive moderate to high returns. You can receive returns through appreciation in the prices of stocks and via dividend income. These returns have the capacity to beat inflationary trends.
  • icon Opportunity for wealth creation:
    The returns from equity investments can allow for wealth creation and fulfilment of financial goals.
  • icon Tax advantages:
    As compared to asset classes, such as gold and debt instruments, equity investment offers better tax benefits. If you earn a profit by selling equity shares within 12 months of their purchase, you have to pay a 15% rate as the short-term capital gains tax. After 12 months, for returns over Rs. 1 Lakh, you have to pay the long-term capital gains tax at a 10% tax rate.
  • icon High liquidity:
    Equity investments are considered liquid assets as they can easily be sold in the stock market. You can liquidate your investments at your convenience to meet any financial emergency.
  • icon Flexibility in choosing stocks:
    Equity investments can help you minimise the risks by spreading your investment in stocks of companies across different sectors.
  • icon Flexibility to select your investment style:
    You can choose a trading strategy to suit your individual financial goals. You can select multiple trading strategies such as:
    • Intraday trading:
      Here, you can purchase and sell your equity stocks within the same trading day.
    • Delivery trading:
      Here, you can hold your equity stocks for the long-term to benefit from the price fluctuations and appreciation in the stock price.
    • Margin trading:
      Here, you can sell and buy stocks within the same trading session.
    • Short selling:
      Here you can sell the shares at a high price and buy them later at a lower price.
  • icon Part-ownership of the company:
    Owning equity shares of a company means that you are a part-owner of the company. While all shareholders receive dividends, depending upon the type of your stocks, you can also receive voting rights. In the worst-case scenario of the company’s bankruptcy or dissolution, your liability is only limited to the investment amount.
  • icon Loan against investments:
    You can use your equity investments as collateral to secure a loan from a financial institution.
  • icon Organised process of investment:
    The Indian stock market is regulated by the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI), which protects the rights of investors. Also, the process of investing in equity stocks by opening a Demat Account and Trading Account is fast, effective and organised.

Thus, you can receive manifold advantages by making equity investments. Invest wisely and make prudent investment decisions with a trusted financial partner, such as Motilal Oswal!

How can you Invest Efficiently and Safely in Equity?

Though investment in equities can provide you with higher returns along with other advantages, you must understand that a variety of complex market factors influence and affect the price movement of stocks. To put it simply the prices are highly volatile and subject to market risks. The question then arises is how to invest efficiently and safely in equity stocks to minimise the risks? Here’s is a look at some of the important factors:

  • icon Assess your risk appetite:
    Before investing in the stock market you should clearly assess your risk appetite or the level of risk you are willing to take. Then depending upon your age, financial goals and investment horizon, make suitable investment decisions.
  • icon Diversify your portfolio:
    Opening an Equity Trading Account with a reliable stockbroking firm can help you invest in other asset classes, such as futures and options, derivatives and commodities. To minimise the risks, you can spread your investments across different securities. While investing in equity stocks, instead of investing your entire corpus in a single stock, you can purchase shares of companies in different sectors. You can also opt for investing in equities through Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) Finally, along with investing in equity stocks, you can also consider Equity funds and Equity-Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS).
  • icon Understand the stock market:
    Before beginning your investment journey in the stock market, do remember to understand its functioning. Instead of making emotional investment decisions, make sure that your investment is guided by hard facts. You can study different books or attend an online course to understand the stock market. A key strategy to invest in equity stocks is to learn to analyse various financial ratios, such as debt to equity ratio, profitability ratio and so on. This will help you get insights into the crucial aspects of a company’s performance. Do remember to analyse a company’s true value by understanding its market capitalization. If you are finding to difficult to grasp the functioning of a stock market, you can always seek help from a trusted stockbroking firm, such as Motilal Oswal.
  • icon Choose a reliable financial partner:
    Choosing a trusted stockbroking entity, such as Motilal Oswal, can help you make intelligent investment decisions. This is because you get the benefit of technology through its cutting-edge trading platforms and mobile trading app. Besides, you receive customised strategies to suit your investment style and financial goals. What’s more, you get access to in-depth market reports and analyses of stocks.

Thus, before investing in equities, do remember to consider the above-mentioned factors. Though equity investment has the potential to generate returns, you should be guided by expert advice and the key fundamentals of a company. Market experts advise against looking at equity investment as a quick means of accumulating wealth. To earn the desired returns, you must know the stock and make long-term investment decisions.