What is a NRI Demat Account?

Alike resident Indians, Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) can also trade and invest in Indian equities and other securities. But, to trade and invest in the Indian Stock Markets, it is mandatory for NRIs to open a NRI DEMAT Account. A NRI DEMAT Account is a dematerialized account which holds securities in digital format. Through a NRI DEMAT Account, NRIs can invest in equities, mutual funds, ETFs and other convertible debentures.

There are two types of NRI Demat Accounts NRIs can invest in –

  • Repatriable investment NRI Demat Account:- This is a type of account for remittance outside India. This account allows you to hold and trade in any securities (Equity, Debt, Mutual Funds etc.) purchased in India, in any currency other than the Indian Rupee.
  • Non-repatriable investment NRI DEMAT Account:- This type of account does not allow the investor to transfer or repatriate any funds outside India, and the funds and investments remain within India.

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Documents required for Opening an NRI Demat Account?

Before an NRI can proceed with opening of his/her DEMAT Account, he/she is required to submit relevant documents for KYC purposes. These documents act as a proof of evidence for identity and nationality of the individual. The documents required for processing an NRI Demat Account are:-

  • Valid Indian Passport/PIO Card
  • PAN Card
  • Residence Status of Proof (Visa, Work Permit, Resident Card)
  • Overseas Address Proof ( Driver’s License, Electricity or Telephone Bill)
  • Indian Address Proof (only in cases of African Nations)

Why choose Motilal Oswal for an NRI Demat Account?

Motilal Oswal is one of the most trusted and experienced financial services companies in India. With over three decades of experience, we provide comprehensive financial solutions to NRIs across the globe. We offer wide range of services such as NRI demat account, stock trading, mutual fund investments, portfolio management and NRI banking. Furthermore, we also provide research-based advice and insights to help NRIs make the best investment decisions.

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Benefits of investing with Motilal Oswal

Expert Research

Motilal Oswal has a team of experienced analysts and research professionals who provide timely and reliable market insights and recommendations. We cover research for over 250 stocks in 20+ sectors.

Diversified Investment Options

Motilal Oswal offers a wide range of investment options that include stocks, mutual funds, commodities, derivatives, and more. Make a diversified portfolio with Motilal Oswal.

Advanced Trading Platforms

With two strong and powerful apps (MO TRADERS & MO INVESTOR) Motilal Oswal provides investors with a trading platform which helps instant trading and investment.

Real-time Portfolio Tracking

Motilal Oswal allows investors to monitor the performance of their portfolio, including stock prices, dividends, and other financial metrics in real-time. This helps investors to make informed decisions quickly and easily.

Features of NRI DEMAT Account

Easy Access

NRI demat accounts can be opened with the help of a Power of Attorney. This makes it easier for NRIs to access their investments from anywhere in the world.

Low Maintenance Fees

Unlike regular demat accounts, NRI demat accounts have lower maintenance fees, making them more affordable for NRIs

Tax Benefits

NRIs can enjoy tax benefits on the investments made in their NRI demat accounts.


NRIs can transfer their funds between their NRI demat account and their NRE/NRO account with ease. This provides them with additional flexibility when managing their investments.


NRI demat accounts are secured with the highest safety and security measures, so NRIs can be rest assured that their investments are safe.


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