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Fixed Deposit Calculator

Stress-free investments for a better life!

Earn fixed returns for investment tenure
Instant liquidity for emergency fund requirements
Better risk management with expert advice

Use the FD calculator below to know about the compound interest earned on your principal investment for your desired tenure.


        After 1 years, you will have


        on your investment of 5000 ,
        generating a total profit of 0

        • Total Investment Infinity%
        • Profit Earned NaN%

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        Guaranteed Returns

        Earn an interest at the rate prevailing at the time of making the deposit.

        Second Source

        Choose the mode & frequency of interest payout which can be your 2nd source of income.

        Duration Flexibility

        FDs offer you a wide range in terms of time frame, offering total flexibility


        FAQs Fixed Deposit Calculator

        1. What is a Fixed Deposit Calculator?

        Fixed Deposit Calculator by Motilal Oswal is an online tool to help individuals take a note of their savings and the interest that will be earned on it if saved in FD scheme.

        2. Is the Online FD Calculator free to use?

        Yes, absolutely! All online calculators designed by Motilal Oswal are free to use.

        3. How will Online FD Calculator help me plan my future financials?

        The Online FD Calculator helps you to take a note of your investments growing at a stable rate of interest for a certain period of time. This gives you an upperhand to plan your financials for future.