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        How can a ELSS Calculator help you?

        An ELSS gives you a choice of investment methods to invest small amounts or a large sum in equity.

        Get the chance of flexible ways of investing, in small amounts gradually or a large one-time sum

        Top ELSS funds can save on tax for you

        With a diversified portfolio of equity, you get balanced investments

        Use the ELSS calculator to know how much you can invest according to your financial ability and get the most out of your returns

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        Tax advantages for any kind of investor

        Know how you can gain tax advantages with investments suited to your financial requirements and temperament as an investor


        Understand about returns on investment and plan ahead

        Use online calculators to get information on precise or near-accurate gains on your investment


        Portfolio diversification made efficient and easy.

        Learn how to make your investment well-balanced and spread out as you make your portfolio more diversified by investing in ELSS via a SIP


        ELSS Calculator FAQs

        1. What is the ELSS Calculator?

        An equity linked saving scheme or ELSS is a sensible way to invest your capital. The ELSS calculator is a tool available online. It electronically calculates the returns from any investment you make through an ELSS. Additionally, this digital tool is free to use and makes quick estimations of returns.

        2. How does the ELSS Calculator help you?

        When you use the ELSS calculator, it means that you wish to find out the future value of the investment you make in certain equities in the saving plan. The calculation that is made by the calculator is done according to input from the user. The future/maturity value is computed by the calculator. If an investor had to do this manually, it would take much time and effort. The calculator,thus, makes life easy for investors.

        3. How do you use the ELSS Calculator?

        An equity linked saving scheme works in one of two ways - by investing an initial lump sum in the plan, or by making staggered investments with small amounts at regular intervals. Depending on the way you wish to invest, you can use the calculator accordingly. Hence, if you wish to make an initial single investment, you have to enter the amount, the tenure and the rate of return. In case you wish to invest at a regular interval, say, once a month, you can enter in details like your contribution per month, your tenure and your rate of interest. The calculator, then computes your returns (which you will receive when your ELSS reaches maturity)

        4. How do you calculate the ELSS maturity amount?

        The maturity amount (your returns) on any ELSS investment is calculated by the calculator using the formula mentioned below: fv=c (1+r)^t


        ● fv stands for the “future value” (maturity amount)

        ● c stands for the amount you invest

        ● r stands for the estimated rate of return

        ● t stands for the duration of the investment (the tenure)

        5. What are the benefits of using an ELSS online calculator?

        The ELSS online calculator gives you the following benefits:

        ● The calculator does not cost anything to use.

        ● The calculator is a digital tool and has a user-friendly interface.

        ● It is easy to use and you are able to calculate estimated returns on your investment quickly by entering a few details

        ● You can make the choice of funds to invest in depending on your unique requirements with your horizon and attitude to risk in mind.

        6. Does the ELSS calculator consider the market conditions?

        The ELSS calculator is a straightforward online tool to calculate potential gains from an ELSS investment. It only executes calculations and does not predict or consider any conditions of the market

        7. Is it risky to invest in an ELSS?

        As the name tells you, an ELSS is an equity-linked saving scheme. The fund you invest in invests primarily in equity, that means the market. When you invest in the market of equities, there are risks involved as markets are prone to be influenced by different conditions, both locally and internationally. However, along with risks, come rewards too. So, although an ELSS may be somewhat risky, it can bear rewards too.

        8. What are the details that I need to enter on the ELSS online calculator?

        While using the ELSS calculator, the user is required to enter such details as the amount they wish to invest, the interest rate (as known by using past data), and the term that the user wishes to remain invested.

        9. Who should invest in ELSS?

        Any individual can invest in an ELSS and if you want to save a substantial amount on taxes, ELSS is a good investment product for you. Nonetheless, these funds suit investors who do not mind a certain amount of risk in investment as they invest in equities for the longer term. There is a mandatory period of lock-in which is three years, and if this matches your investment goals, you can go ahead with an ELSS.

        10. What is the lock-in period of an ELSS?

        The lock-in period of an ELSS is a period of three years.

        11. What are the tax implications of investing in an ELSS?

        Investments through an ELSS can be eligible for tax deductions under the Section 80C of the Indian Income Tax Act. While investing in ELSS, there is no limit on the upper side to how much you can invest, but up to Rs. 1.5 lakh of investment is exempt from any tax liability.

        12. Which is better, ELSS or SIP?

        Comparing an ELSS to a SIP is not a comparison in equal terms, as an ELSS is an investment channel, but a SIP is a way to invest in any channel. Through the means of a SIP, you can still invest in any ELSS which is a fund, or in a mutual fund. Hence, a comparison between these two would be inappropriate.

        13. What are the advantages of using an ELSS return calculator?

        An ELSS calculator or an ELSS return calculator can tell you how much of a return you will get on an ELSS investment you make initially. You can enter a lump sum or choose a SIP investment. You must enter the total investment amount, an estimated interest rate (based on past fund performance) and the tenure you choose to stay invested. You will get a calculation of your returns. If you are investing by way of a SIP, you can also enter the frequency of your payments (investments) into the fund.