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Compound Interest Calculator

Grow your wealth with the power of compounding!

It is an “interest paid on interest”
Enables you to build wealth over time
Helps you plan your retirement early

Use the Compound Interest calculator below to know about the compound interest earned on your principal investment for your desired tenure.


        After 10 years, you will have


        On your investment of 0 invested via SIP,
        generating a total profit of 0

        • Total Investment NaN%
        • Profit Earned NaN%

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        Grows your money two-fold

        Compound interest is paid on the deposits that you make and the interest that you earn over a period of time.

        Good for early savings

        If you start saving in your twenties, you can plan your retirement by the time you are forty! Compound Interest helps you!

        Low risk

        When you understand the time value of money, you'll see that compounding and patience are the ingredients for wealth.


        Compound Interest Calculator FAQs

        1. What is compound interest calculator?

        Compound interest is the interest acquired on a deposit on both the initial principal and the accumulated interest from previous periods.

        2. How will compound interest help me calculate my finances?

        Compound Interest will help you to consider the amount you need to save every month and the investment avenues that will provide you with qualified returns to live life at leisure.

        3. What is the difference between simple interest and compound interest?

        Simple interest is applicable on deposit only for a fixed period. Compound interest is the interest applicable on both deposit and the interest that is earned over it for a period.