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Financial Calculators

Know how much your portfolio grow at what rate of returns with specialized SIP calculator

Know how much to pay as brokerage on your investments & benefits of opting for full-service brokers

Know how much you will gain at a fixed rate of return for a desired period of time with specially designed FD Calculator

Know how much you will add to your wealth by saving a little, one-at-a-time with our expert crafted RD Calculator

Know how compound interest works on your investments & how it grows your value by two-fold

Know how much you need as your retirement corpus. Figure out your needs to grow your wealth before retiring

Know how much corpus is required to create a portfolio and to invest in scrips of your choice

Calculate returns generated on your investments over a period of time & know its estimated worth at the end of its tenure

Estimate monthly loan payments on your loan amount to determine affordability and compare different loan options with EMI calculator.

Calculate the potential returns of a mutual fund investment, by determining the right amount to invest & the expected returns.

This tool helps you estimate how much your lumpsum investment will grow at a specific compounding interest for a defined period.

Compare different ELSS funds, required investments, & assess the impact of taxes on returns of investment with the ELSS Calculator.

Know the potential gratuity payout based on your salary with this Gratuity Calculating tool.

Estimate the value of an investment at a future-date based on initial investment, interest %, & time period with this calculator.

Calculate the amount that can be withdrawn periodically while ensuring that the investment corpus lasts for a desired period, through the Systematic Withdrawal Period (SWP) Calculator.

An inflation calculator is a tool that helps determine the purchasing power of a specific amount of money over time, helping individuals understand the future value of their investments.

Make managed investment decisions by providing a clear understanding of how much you can expect to earn through PPF investment over the investment period.

Calculate the estimated corpus your daughter will have at 21 years of age with the Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana Calculator, by providing basic details such as annual investment, age of girl-child, and start period.

Determine the price of an options contract to estimate fair value & the potential risk & reward of an options trade.

Estimate your retirement corpus easily based on monthly EPF contributions, the rate of interest, and the time period of investment through the EPF Calculator.

Estimate of your retirement corpus by calculating the amount of retirement savings you will accumulate over time, based on your personal contributions, age, and other factors, through NPS calculator.

Calculate how much interest you need to pay with the specialized Simple Interest Calculator.