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Get predefined as well as build customize strategies

Access pre-set strategies or craft personalized ones

Available on Desktop EXE, Mo trader web

Available on Desktop EXE

Easy execution for fast options trading

Simple execution to trade options quickly
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Available on Desktop and App

Designed for Perfection

Plan your trades

Pre-defined strategies to effectively plan your trades

Execute your trades

One-click execution for multi-legged strategies across spreads

Features Offered By Option Strategy Builder

Instant Strategy Execution
Margin Insights
Enhanced forced entry and forced exit options
Efficient and seamless restoration, retry, and execution
Alert popup for strategy suspension
Save and edit complex strategies effortlessly.

See how it works

Enables user to opt for Spread-based trading strategies, Pre-defined & Customer Strategies(Upto 4 legs)
Easy Strategy Creation allowing target entry, target exit and Stop Loss Spread
Replicate strategies with a single click
Real time Market Data Integration
Smart Abilities Of
Strategy Builder
Automation of strategies with entry/exit spreads
Analysis of realized and unrealized profits/losses.
Futures and options combinations available
Easy access to equity and currency options
Optimization of trades for maximum potential returns.
Easily Save and edit complex strategies effortlessly.

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