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Upcoming IPOs in August 2022
07 Sep 2023

In the year 2021, India witnessed a number of IPOs in the list of “upcoming IPO”. The primary markets were in the limelight with above 60 IPOs being publicly listed. The amounts raised were to the tune of more than a lakh crore, and this rally seemed almost perennial. Evidently, if reports are to be believed, some one million investors partook in the “IPO Boom” of 2021. The most relevant  (and by all means, the largest) of these came from the house of the PAYTM company, One97 Communications. This was worth Rs. 18,300 crore. For that value, it made history last year.  

Several companies in the league of new-age startups have released IPOs in the recent past. Starting out small and building up to substantial firms, these companies, like Zomato, Policybazaar and Nykaa, generated much-awaited IPOs in the last year. Being aligned with high stock market indices, it seemed like things, at least in the all-important financial markets, were bullish. Investors were excited about any new upcoming IPO in 2021. While 2022 hasn’t started with quite the bang that was predicted, a stream of IPO releases suggests that investors may be attracted once again. However, with LIC’s IPO aftermath  being a bit toned down, one can never tell how the IPO path might be travelled. So far, it’s had a decent run, so everyone hopes for the best. In August 2022, some new IPOs are due to be out, so it’s worth taking a look at key ones.

  • Upcoming IPO List - August 2022

In any upcoming IPO 2023 list, you will find that dates are not conclusive as companies may post applicable dates of relevance later. Although, we tentatively know that an upcoming IPO is due, the detailed dates may not be available till a date closer to the IPO going public. Anyway, to subscribe to any new upcoming IPO, you do not need to open a demat account, so subscription may be easy and quick once you decide to invest. Here is the list of some key IPOs for August 2022: 

1. Keventer Agro Ltd. - Located in Kolkata, this company’s primary IPO aim is to raise funds for capital expenditure, like investments in company growth and paying off debt. This offering is for an issuance of Rs. 350 crore worth shares amounting to the number of 10,767,664 shares.

2. Droom Technology Ltd. - The IPO entails an offer of Rs. 1,000 crores and fresh share issuance amounting to Rs. 2,000 crore. The company, a technology and data science-driven firm, serves an online clientele and hopes to finance organic and inorganic development initiatives with its IPO fund creation. 

3. Capital Small Finance Bank - The Capital Small Finance Bank Limited IPO blends Rs. 450 crore  fresh equities and 3,840,087 shares of equity. One of the top small finance banks, a substantial part of the upcoming IPO proceeds would be used to pay fees for BRLMs and additionally for legal counsel. 

4. MobiKwik - A leader in the arena of “buy now, pay later” and mobile wallets, MobiKwik’s IPO is touted to be worth Rs.1,900 crore. The proceeds would be used to meet corporate debts, for organic and inorganic development programmes and other corporate needs. 

5. Ixigo - With an IPO worth Rs. 1,600 crore out, this travel technology booking company aims to fulfil corporate needs and grow the company further. 

The IPO Trend

With an upcoming IPO on the horizon of each month, companies (or investors) don’t seem discouraged by any IPO listing. If anything, the whole scene is quite encouraging, although some news reports suggest some IPO sluggishness. Since there is less focus on the direct equity markets now, and you do not have to open a demat account to subscribe to an IPO, you can afford to invest in any upcoming IPO after due diligence. 



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