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India's Upcoming IPOs for November 2022

05 Jan 2023

As we near the end of this year, it has now become evident that the Indian IPO scene hasn’t seen as many blockbuster public issues as last year. The conservative economic climate and high interest rates are two of the primary reasons for the lackluster response from both the companies and the investors with regard to IPOs. 

However, despite all this, there may be some light at the end of the tunnel after all. The Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) are continuing to have a good year with respect to their public issues. In fact, we might even see a couple of good mainboard IPOs as well. And as usual, the Motilal Oswal IPO calendar will help you keep track of the various public issues that come up every now and then. 

Upcoming IPOs in November, 2022 

As of now, concrete details regarding the upcoming public issues are only available for one company. The IPO-related information regarding the remaining companies in this list hasn’t been fully revealed. More information may come to light as we progress through the month. Check out the table below to get an idea of how the IPO calendar for the month of November, 2022 is stacked up. 

Name of the Company

IPO Size 

IPO Opening Date

IPO Closing Date

Technopack Polymers Limited 

Rs. 7.87 crores

November 02, 2022

November 07, 2022

VLCC Healthcare Limited

Rs. 800 crores (Tentative)

To Be Announced

To Be Announced

Sterlite Power Transmissions Limited

Rs. 1,250 crores (Tentative)

To Be Announced

To Be Announced

Le Travenues Technology Limited (Ixigo)

Rs. 1,600 crores (Tentative)

To Be Announced

To Be Announced


Here’s a brief overview of the companies that are likely to come up with their public issues this month along with a few IPO details. 

1. Technopack Polymers Limited 

Founded in the year 2018, Technopack Polymers is involved in the business of manufacturing a wide range of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) products. The company’s products are primarily supplied to players in the packaged drinking water industry. 

Through this upcoming IPO, the Technopack Polymer is planning to issue about 14,30,000 fresh equity shares at a price of Rs. 55 per share. The total IPO size comes up to about Rs. 7.87 crores, with the company’s shares being listed in the SME segment.

2. VLCC Healthcare Limited

Incorporated in 1996, VLCC Healthcare started off as a beauty and weight management center. Over the years, the company has managed to make a name for itself by setting up branches all across the country. Currently, the company is one of the largest players in the health and wellness industry in India. 

The company is planning on issuing fresh equity shares to the tune of Rs. 300 crores, with the remaining Rs. 500 crores coming from an Offer For Sale (OFS) component. Other than this, there aren’t many details with respect to the company’s upcoming IPO as of now. 

3. Sterlite Power Transmissions Limited

The brainchild of billionaire Anil Agarwal, Sterlite Power Transmissions is in the business of development of electricity transmission infrastructure. The company has a significant presence in both India and Brazil.  

Through this upcoming IPO, Sterlite Power Transmissions is planning on raising up to Rs. 1,250 crores. The entire funds from the public issue will go towards paying the debts of the company and its subsidiary - Khargone Transmission Limited.

4. Le Travenues Technology Limited (Ixigo)

One of the many online travel portals in India, Ixigo provides a platform for airline and hotel bookings and reservations within and outside the country. In addition to booking airline tickets, you can also avail tickets for trains and buses too. 

The company is planning to raise Rs. 1,600 crores through the upcoming IPO, out of which around Rs. 750 crores would be from a fresh issue of equity shares. The remaining Rs. 850 crores, on the other hand, would be from an Offer For Sale from the entity’s promoters. 


There you have it. These are the list of companies planning to issue their shares to the public in the month of November, 2022. However, keep in mind that apart from Technopack Polymers Limited, the remaining issues are tentative in nature. 

Now, if you wish to invest in an IPO, make sure to first open a demat account. If you don’t have one already, simply visit Motilal Oswal to open one for free through a paperless process. 


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