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5 Multi-Bagger Stocks To Have In Your Portfolio

Multibagger stocks are equity shares in a firm that provide returns that are multiples of the cost of purchase. These are basically equities that are inexpensive and have outstanding fundamentals, making them excellent investing opportunities. A stock that doubles in price is referred to as a two-bagger, while one that doubles in price ten times is referred to as a ten-bagger.

As a result, multi-baggers are equities whose prices have increased several times their original investment values. Investors who are aiming to develop money and have a high-risk tolerance seek multi-baggers. The hitch is that a multi-bagger is only a multi-bagger in retrospect. At first, this can seem to be a dangerous venture in an overheated market.

Multibagger stocks in India are equities that multiply or create opportunities for exceptional wealth development. Wealth growth may occur over a lengthy time horizon by steady compounding, necessitating a patient investor's attitude. A multibagger bet rewards an investor by putting considerable funds to work.

However, meaningful investment occurs only when the investor has completely evaluated a company's business strategy, growth risks, and market potential and has invested at reasonable entry prices, ready to wait for a corporation to develop its profits in the coming years.

HDFC Bank is a remarkable example of a multi-bagger, having finished 26 years ever since its IPO in 1995 in 2021. Despite reinvested dividends, the stock has provided a 25% CAGR, while with market returns, it has produced a 30% CAGR. An investment of ₹1 lakh includes that IPO is now worth ₹8 Crores, implying that the price has risen 800 times, rendering it an 800-bagger. 

5 Multi-Bagger Stocks To Have In Your Portfolio

Sr. No

Company Name

BSE Scrip Code

NSE Symbol


CCL Products




Federal Bank


137.25 1


Kei Industries


1479.1 1


Axis Bank


935.75 2


Varun Beverages



What Should An Investor Look For Multibagger Stocks?

  • Company's Size - The size of a firm has a lot to do with what you may anticipate from the stock. How large is the firm in which you're interested? Aside from certain things, large corporations do not experience large stock movements since they are already relatively stable. They do well in specific areas, but the largest swings are likely to come from smaller firms that are expanding at a quicker rate than their bigger rivals. You don't invest in a behemoth like MRF with the hopes of quadrupling your money in two years. In the near future, it will be impossible for a TCS to grow or treble in size.
  • Healthy Economic Growth - When the corporation produces money, the shareholders benefit; when you examine the profits of the best multibagger stock, you will often discover that the company's earnings have grown rapidly owing to its profitability model, capital allocation, and revenue growth model plan.
  • High Margin Business - Multibaggers often demand large margins owing to a lack of rivalry, a moat, operational excellence, or a dominant position in the sector. Furthermore, these stocks have a consistent margin throughout the time that does not change every month or year.
  • Potential Future Growth - A corporation may not be able to generate money if it does not have a diverse selection of goods or services since markets are very volatile in the present global context. One of the features of a multi-bagger stock would be that management is open about its objective and can describe the efforts being taken to attain it.
  • Healthy Competition - As a firm expands, it may remain competitive by providing better services and goods. Madras Rubber Factory (MRF Ltd) was founded by a tiny town balloon toy maker, and the firm has been improving its goods and services in response to client demand ever since. This drive to constantly invent and adjust or broaden their product in response to market demand has provided them with a competitive advantage over competitors and kept them staying strong over time. Examine a company's level of innovation to determine if it has a competitive edge. You may do so by glancing at how many patents they have, how busy their R&D department is, and how regularly they create new goods and services.
  • Free Cash Generation - The capacity to create and expand free cash flows has been the most crucial quality of sustained multi-bagger companies. Multi-billion-dollar corporations often employ internal capital to grow or launch new goods. These businesses also have lower debt-to-equity ratios. These businesses often produce free funds. This cash flow will be utilised to support future developments or dividend payments.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, Multi bagger stocks in India are excellent places for traders/investors to put their money. Nevertheless, before investing, one should do your homework on the firms that provide the best multi bagger stock since they may be risky bets that vary from scenario to circumstance. Sustaining these difficult pandemic times may be an excellent litmus test for high-risk wagers, and if they endure, gains might double many times.

Above all, you should be able to find good multibagger stocks in which to invest and do so at reasonable prices. Also, don't buy with the idea of receiving unrealistic returns in a short period of time from multibagger stocks. Patience would be essential. To diversify overall risk when investing in these companies, devote a part of your wealth to these risky bets and the balance to reliable big-cap firms.


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