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5 Stocks that doubled investors money in the last 1 year

It is true that if one invests in the equity markets for a longer period of time, the investment is likely to create spectacular returns in the long run. But every once in a while you come across a multibagger stocks that defies the long-term rule and gives very high returns in the short to mid term. Here is a list of five such stocks that have doubled investors’ money in the last 1 year.

  • BLS Infotech: This small-cap penny stock, BLS Infotech, has had its price go from 1.59 rupees per share to 4.07 rupees per share over the course of the past year, for a total increase of almost 155%. Its average volume over the past year was 11,83,686, which is significantly more than its current trade volume of 2,65,732 shares. Its market capitalization is currently Rs 178 crores. Since March 2021, the price of the penny stock has been on an upward trajectory, climbing from its 52-week low of Rs 0.19 to its current high of Rs 4.07 per share, representing a massive increase in the span of approximately one year.
  • IEL: The price of one share of this XT group company has more than doubled over the course of the past year, climbing from Rs 38.65 to Rs 99.10, representing an increase of over 155% during this time frame. The small-cap stock's average trade volume over the past year is 4,970, while the current trade volume of the stock is 2,541, which is practically half of that number. The share price of IEL is currently quoting at its all-time high, while its low point over the past 52 weeks is Rs 9.59 per share. As a result, the penny stock has become a multibagger in just one year, meaning that it has returned more than ten times its initial investment to its stockholders in the past year. 
  • Gujchem Distillers India: In the past month, this XT group stock has soared from a price of Rs 255.50 rupees to a price of Rs 677.15 rupees per share, representing an increase in value of around 165% over this time frame. This multibagger stock has clocked a near 360% growth in 2022, increasing from a price of approximately Rs148 to a price of Rs 677 in the time frame of the year to date. The price per share has been as low as Rs 70 in the past 52 weeks, but it is currently trading at an all-time high. Due to the fact that it is a low liquid stock, it is susceptible to being moved in either direction by a single trigger, and as a result, it can be combined with high risk low liquid stocks.
  • Ganesh Holding: This small-cap XT group company has climbed from Rs 23.70 to Rs 59.15 apiece levels in the last one month, logging over 150% growth in this period. The price range for this stock was from Rs 23.70 to Rs 59.15. This multibagger stock has appreciated to the tune of 265% in 2022, having gone from trading at prices of Rs 16.20 to Rs 59.15, a distance spanning 2022. It's a stock that doesn't trade very often and only has Rs 2 crore worth of market capital. Therefore, it is one of the stocks with a high risk, since it can be affected by a single event in any way. 
  • Cyber Media (India): This small-cap T group stock, Cyber Media (India), has had its share price go from Rs 15.50 to Rs 31.55 over the course of the past year, representing a roughly 105 percent increase over this time frame. Since the beginning of February 2022, the low-priced stock has been exhibiting an upward tendency. So far, it has provided its stockholders with a return of around 135% of their investment. Its current market capital is approximately Rs 50 crore, and its transaction volume at the moment is 2,117, which is significantly lower than its average volume over the past year, which was 41,444. 

Wrapping Up

While political changes such as budgets, government action, elections, and geopolitical crises have a significant impact on the financial markets and the changes in exchange rates, gold, commodity and bond prices have an impact on stock performance - it is important for small investors to seek expert advice before investing in any stock. For investors who do not have the right skills or enough time to analyze the stocks on their own, full service brokers like Motilal Oswal can be a good option as they not only provide detailed research and recommendations but also provide dedicated personal advisors who can handhold small investors with their investments. To kickstart your investment journey with Motilal Oswal, open your free demat account today. 


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