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6 Tips for Online Trading in The Indian Share Market

29 Nov 2023

Day-trading in the stock market has proved to be substantially rewarding over many years. With the innumerable benefits come dire consequences if your trade is not well- planned and executed accordingly. In the early times, shares were bought and sold through contracts on paper.

These days, the entire process has been shifted digitally through online trading platforms. You can begin trading once you open trading account with a broker through a simple process. So, to buy or sell a stock, all you need to do is click a button. As simple as the process is, the importance of understanding the technicalities of a stock is crucial to gain profits.

6 Tips for Online Trading

Here are some share market tips that can help you take a safer step into the stock market while mitigating risks that may stem from impulsive decisions.

1. Begin with research
To start with trading, it is essential for you to understand which segment of the stock market interests you best like NIFTY AUTO, NIFTY BANK, NIFTY PHARMA, or others. Apart from your interests, you will also need to gain some insight on which sector you can leverage with your knowledge. Researching about companies and their fundamentals can also help you understand how to invest in the share market.

2. Paper trade
If you’re a novice who has just started the trading journey, it is highly recommended that you begin with paper trading instead of using real money. This will be helpful to get a hold of the trading platform and can help understand how the stock market works.

3. Manage risks
One of the most popular mantras that several trading gurus emphasize on is to minimize your risks. Although profits cannot be promised, you can always cut down on your losses either by setting a stop-loss or by position sizing.

4. Diversify
This is not only beneficial for online trading but it is also one of the best share investment tips. Never put all your eggs in one basket. Spreading your funds across several sectors and companies can help you not just make better profits but also compensate for your losses in case of any. Hence, diversifying your portfolio across companies can prove to be one of the best tips for share market investment.

5. Plan your trade in advance
Trading not only requires plenty of research and understanding of the technicalities and fundamentals, but also plenty of emotional discipline. To prevent scenarios of impulsive decisions, it is best to make a trading plan in advance. In your trading plan, include the stock that you have analyzed to trade with the next day along with the entry point, exit point, and the stop-loss.  Even when it comes to investments, planning in prior is one of the best share market investment tips.

6. Maintain a trading journal
Finally, reflecting on your trades can tremendously increase your learning curve. Understanding where and how you could improve will prove to be one of the best learning instruments for your growth as a trader.


Trading comes with many challenges and rewards. Researching and improving on trading strategies along with patience and discipline is very important to grow into a profitable trader. So, follow these share market trading tips and ensure to have a trading plan before you enter a trade. It can also help to learn and reflect on your trades to grow into a profitable trader.


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