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7 Advantages of Engaging in Online App-Based Trading

18 Oct 2023

Mobile applications have become synonymous with comfort and convenience. Since they swept the world of personal finance, people from various walks of life are increasingly turning into investors. Gone are the days when trading in stocks, bonds and securities was the prerogative of those with the means to engage a stockbroker and aware of the benefits of accumulating wealth.

As more and more smartphones are landing in the pockets of a large number of people, and the reach of the internet spreads far and wide, everyone has become a potential trader. In fact, as stock trading is becoming digitised, it has also been rendered more accessible and easy. Here’s a look at seven benefits of trading through an online trading app:

  • Cost-effectiveness: When compared to a stockbroker, trading through an app can save you more money. The consulting fee or the commission due to the stockbroker in a conventional style of trading is much higher than the fee charged by robo advisors.
  • Convenience: Opening a trading account online is an extremely easy and hassle-free process with the trading mobile application. With just a mobile internet connection, you can create an account and also keep tabs on your investments at your own convenience. Online trading apps also help save time and allow you to carry out your trading activities on the go.
  • Always keep tabs: Most online trading apps are designed to display all your investments and their performance in a single interface. Moreover, you can buy and sell your shares any time you want at your convenience, while also evaluating your profits or losses.
  • No middleman: In addition to reduced broker fees, the interaction with brokers is also limited with a trading app. Investors can choose from a variety of portfolio suggestions made in the app based on the meticulous research conducted by the brokerage offering the app.
  • Faster transactions: Not only is placing orders for buying and selling shares quick on trading apps, the payment and collection for such transactions is also prompt. These apps offer various methods of online payments that facilitate the near-instant transfer of funds between accounts.
  • Greater control: With the ability to trade literally at your fingertips, you can buy or sell without having to depend on the availability of your broker. Investors can instantly make trades, review all their options and monitor their investments on their own, without waiting for a broker to tell them what their best recourse is. Since investors can make decisions without external interference, they gain more control of their investments.
  •  Better understanding: With a more hands-on approach to your investments, this is an app to learn stock market. Online trading apps require you to make crucial decisions on your own without the constant guidance of a broker, familiarising you with your money and the nuts and bolts of the world of investment. For budding investors, this could prove to be a useful trajectory of self-learning.


Trading through a mobile application gives investors the confidence to venture into the stock market without constant spoon-feeding. It gives them a sense of control and the ability to idly explore options that are well-suited for them, in their own time.

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