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Best Investment opportunities in the current market scenario

24 Jul 2023

When it comes to investing your money, you need to make sure your money is in safe hands. It is good news that the investment scenario in the current Indian market is not gloomy. But for investors who are just starting off, it is patience and perseverance which is going to help you reap the benefits of your investments. You cannot earn money by way of a windfall gain. With the round of elections that have gotten over, you find optimism around the industry, economy, and business. Inflation has subsided and oil prices have gone down. Here is letting you know the top 5 current investment opportunities in India   Invest your money with blue chip companies Investing your money with the equity fund of blue chip companies is always going to keep you on a favorable run. The Govt. is quite focused on churning larger number of industries, i.e., in terms of delivering faster clearances for factories to be set up and for the right kind of momentum to be gathered. You will notice that significant amount of wealth will be generated by large firms and investors will be rewarded as well. Equity shares of blue chip companies are issued by financial conglomerations like HDFC mutual fund, Birla Sun Life, and Reliance. You can keep your blue chip stocks both to have a very good appreciation on your investment and also to receive dividends on a periodic basis.  Diversify your investment portfolio with a mix of equity and debt Quite a lot of financial analysts feel that investors who invest their money in a mix component of equity and debt can expect a better rate of return in a consistent way. Equity funds are more volatile in nature and are prone to risks while the debt aspect remains a constant factor. So when investors invest their money in a diversified portfolio comprising of equity and debt, they can expect the optimal rate of returns on their investments. For the conservative investors, it is the EPF and the PPF EPF stands for Employee Provident Fund and PPF stands for Public Provident Fund. These are conservative forms of investment and the rates of return vary between 10% and   12% per annum. These are relatively safer forms of investments as they are managed and controlled by the Govt. of India. As far as EPF is concerned, it is you and your employer who would be investing amounts in equal proportion. The time you leave the company, you will be in a position to claim your Provident Fund. PPF is an account which you need to open with your nearby bank. You can open your PPF account with banks like Bank of Baroda, ICICI, Bank of India and other nationalized banks. You need to invest a sum of Rupees 1, 50,000 for the entire year. You can either deposit the money in a lump-sum or every single month. At the end of 15 years, you will be eligible to take your money out. You can earn a generous interest of 12% to 15% on your investment. There is also one more great advantage, with regard to investing your money with PPF. When you withdraw your money after the minimum lock-in period the withdrawals are entirely tax-free. A PPF calculator can help you determine how much your PPF investment will grow over time given a specified rate of interest and investment amount. This might assist you in determining how much you need to invest in PPF to meet your financial objectives, as well as how much you will have after the lock-in period.

How cool is that? Bonds that are offered by Govt. as well as the corporates Govt. offers bonds to the public. The bond holders are assured of getting their principal back along with a stipulated rate of interest. These are 100% risk-free investments as the Govt. will never default on its payments or liabilities. Even if the economy is not doing great, it will at least print fresh notes to repay the deposits to the bond holders. You can go in for bonds that are issued by corporates. But you need to purchase bonds from companies which have a fair deal of reputation. Bonds issued by Tata, Reliance, Mahindra and Birla Sun Life are risk-free investments. You can also receive an enhanced rate of return on your investments.You can invest in Foreign or overseas Mutual Funds investment companies like Franklin Templeton, US-based Shell Petroleum, Max New York Life Insurance, DSP Black Rock, etc. These are mutual fund companies that operate in India but the head offices of the companies are located in US, UK or other foreign countries. The foreign mutual fund houses can provide you with substantial returns on investment with a marginal level of risk involved. These companies invest their funds in emerging markets in Vietnam, Brazil, China, and Russia. For oil fields, the companies can invest their funds with Oil producing companies based out of Saudi Arabia. You have thus seen the top 5 current investment opportunities in India. The investment scenario in the current Indian market is picking up in a big way.

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