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Benefits of Multi Strategy Investing

03 Oct 2023


As an investor, you would likely be familiar with diversification - the art of not putting all your eggs in one basket. Diversification is spreading your investments across various asset classes to mitigate risk. However, apart from using diverse assets, you can use multiple strategies for better returns. While traditional diversification emphasises spreading investments across different asset classes, multi-strategy investing uses diverse investment strategies to boost your portfolio's returns.

Find out more about multi-strategy investing and how you can harness it to protect your investments from market volatility and yield better returns.

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What is multi-strategy investing?

Multi-strategy investing involves the use of diverse, uncorrelated strategies within a single fund. Its core principle lies in the ability to navigate various markets effectively. By combining different approaches, multi-strategy investing can allow you to identify and capitalize on favourable market conditions while mitigating risks.

In contrast, single-strategy funds operate within confined investment parameters. This may limit their potential for consistent performance. During market downturns, such funds often face limited options. Single-strategy fund managers either reduce exposure to the market by switching to cash or continue to persevere through unfavourable market conditions. While these choices may lead to curtailed losses, they may not always contribute to optimising returns.

On the other hand, multi-strategy funds exhibit the advantage of adaptability. They can shift capital away from underperforming strategies and move it towards better opportunities. This strategic reallocation of resources allows the fund to capitalise on prevailing market trends and ensure a more dynamic response to the ever-changing market.

Multi-strategy investing is about knowing when to focus on specific strategies based on the market situation. This decision is made through careful analysis, allowing the fund to adapt its investments accordingly. By adjusting its exposure to different strategies, the fund can perform well in different market situations.

What are the benefits of multi-strategy investing?

Here are some advantages of multi-strategy investing:

  1. Diversification: Multi-strategy investing heavily focuses on diversification across various asset classes. This diversification helps in reducing volatility and boosting overall returns. Multi-strategy fund managers invest in uncorrelated asset classes. This minimises the impact of adverse market movements on the fund's portfolio. As a result, investments are safeguarded from being influenced by the performance of a single asset class or market sector.
  2. Low risk: Multi-strategy investing helps lower risk in a more streamlined manner. If one strategy does not work and an asset class underperforms, the positive performance of another strategy can stabilise the portfolio's overall performance.
  3. Flexibility: Multi-strategy portfolios are designed to be flexible. They can swiftly adapt to shifting market dynamics and use different investment approaches to maximise returns. The fund manager plays a critical role in multi-strategy investment portfolios. They use their expertise to make strategic decisions based on market trends, economic indicators, and other relevant factors. In the event of an adverse market movement, the fund manager adjusts the fund's allocations to limit exposure to risks.
  4. Broad and unbiased opportunities: Multi-strategy investing provides you with comprehensive and unbiased opportunities by leveraging a diverse set of asset classes. These can include stocks, bonds, cash, and alternatives. This comprehensive approach ensures that your investment portfolio is not confined to a single asset class, offering you exposure to a vast range of opportunities in the financial market.
  5. Professional management: Multi-strategy investing allows you to benefit from professional fund managers' expertise. These professionals have in-depth understanding, knowledge, and experience with diverse investment strategies and assets. They research, study the market, look for the right opportunities, and make well-informed decisions to optimise the fund's performance.

To sum it up

Multi-strategy investing can be a robust tool for investment success. It offers diversification across uncorrelated strategies and asset classes. It helps mitigate risks and allows you to leverage the expertise of professional fund managers. All of these attributes together contribute to lower exposure to market volatility. Multi-strategy investing not only shields your investments from risk but also paves the way for sustained growth.


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