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Best Hydrogen Stocks In India 2023 

An Overview

Green hydrogen is a key element in the energy transition. It is not, nevertheless, the next move straight away because we must first accelerate the implementation of renewable electricity to reduce carbon emissions in existing power systems, accelerate the access to electricity of the energy industry by using budget-friendly renewable electricity, and thereafter utilise green hydrogen to reduce carbon emissions difficult to electrify industries such as heavy industry, shipping, and aviation.

Several of the largest businesses and governments throughout the globe have shown enthusiasm for green hydrogen, an environmentally benign gas, as they work to transition to a more environmentally friendly energy source.

Green hydrogen, one of the world's cleaner energy sources, is among the ideal approaches to achieving net zero emissions. The best green hydrogen stocks in India which have experienced rapid growth have been covered in this post. Continue reading to learn more about hydrogen stocks 2023.

Best Green Hydrogen Stocks in India

1. Reliance Industries 

To achieve its zero emission target by 2035, Reliance Industries Ltd intends to spend about $10 billion in India's development of a complete environment for innovative materials and energy sources. The company's goal is to develop the Dhirubhai Ambani Green energy Giga project, which will be situated on 5,000 acres of land close to Jamnagar. This is going to be Reliance Industries' new path toward a sustainable ecology.

Also, they have partnered with several eco-friendly businesses that will support them in their attempt. Among many others, these companies comprise REC Solar Holding, Lithium Werks, and Faradion.


The Guna region of Madhya Pradesh is where GAIL plans to build the largest plant in India by the conclusion of 2023. They intend to create a PEM-based system that would make it possible to produce 4.3 tonnes (10 Megawatt capability) of green hydrogen per day, which would then be combined with natural gas and given to industry. Its 10 MW output is the largest energy output in the country. Such fuel can also be offered for sale to businesses that make fertiliser.

3. National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd.

By producing green hydrogen, the state-owned energy company NTPC Ltd has decided to diversify into certain eco-friendly industries. It ranks third in this list among the green hydrogen stocks. A 240kW partial oxidation electrolyzer will be used in a floating solar array to make hydrogen.

4) Indian Oil Corp.

Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) Limited is competing to manufacture green hydrogen and will soon follow. They have decided to switch to hydrogen fuel for at minimum a tenth of its fossil fuel consumption. They have decided to construct reactors at Mathura and Panipat. By 2025, they want to produce 5 GW of renewable energy.

5. Larsen & Toubro

In Gujarat's Hazira area, L&T Limited has decided to construct an ecologically beneficial hydrogen factory. There, they want to produce 45 kg of green hydrogen per day. The energy required to power this production area will be supplied by the 990kW DC capability and the 500kW battery-powered energy storage system. As part of the process, natural gas will get a 15% hydrogen addition. They aim to become carbon and water free by 2025 and 2030, accordingly.

6. Adani Green Energy

Adani New Industries Ltd is the most widely recognized corporation in India's energy and electrical sector. They have decided to invest more than $50 billion over the next 10 years to increase their source of green hydrogen. For this, they have teamed up with the French business TotalEnergies. This new business aims to produce 1MT of sustainable hydrogen per year by 2030.

7. JSW Steel 

JSW Energy, a division of JSW Steel Company, has partnered with an Australian company to work on the potential project. Thus according to JSW Steel, there may have been 10,000 crores of rupees invested in renewable energy. While the company hasn't given many details, we anticipate seeing them expand in the green sector.

8. Jindal Stainless

To create green hydrogen manufacturing plants and boost capacity for producing green hydrogen, Jindal Stainless Ltd has partnered with Hygenco India Private Ltd. They want to cut the nation's carbon dioxide emissions by 2,700 MT each year. They will become the initial stainless steel company in India to use green hydrogen as a result of this effort.

9) Oil & Natural Gas Corp.

Oil and Natural Gas Company Limited as well as M/s Greenko ZeroC Private Limited (Greenko) agreed to collaborate again and look into ecologically acceptable ways to produce green ammonia and some other products of green hydrogen when they inked a memorandum of understanding in July 2022. Throughout this Memorandum of Understanding, Greenko, an Indian supplier of renewable power, will assist ONGC's green drive. This deal supports the National Hydrogen Mission, which aims to make India a centre for green hydrogen on a worldwide scale.

10. Bharat Petroleum Corp.

To create green hydrogen, BPCL intends to construct a 5 Megawatt electrolyzer employing a phased setup in Ahmedabad and Aurangabad. This green hydrogen will be blended with natural gas using the company's existing steel pipes. This gas will be used for industrial, domestic, and commercial purposes. The company advertised for bids for the project since we think that the important bidders are companies that produce water electrolyzers.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, hydrogen is the element that is most common in the universe. With just one electron and a proton, it also happens to be the most basic, which explains why hydrogen, which has long been regarded as the fuel of both the future, has become so common.

With other countries embracing the US and the EU in the promise to decrease greenhouse gas emissions by over 30% by 2030, this scenario is closer than it would first seem. Hydrogen stocks in 2023 will be important as an emission-free fuel and just a green energy supply to reduce carbon emissions in other sectors.


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