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Best PSU Stocks to Buy In India 2023

A PSU, or a public sector undertaking, is a company that is very closely linked to the Indian economy’s core. These are companies that are provincially solid and have been building a strong industrial base in the nation. Such undertakings are majorly owned and controlled by the Indian government (in contrast to companies in the private sector) and play a vital role in growing the Indian economy. The best PSU stocks are worth investor considerations as they may be valuable for investors’ portfolios. 

Understanding PSUs

The main sectors of the companies under the category of PSUs include coal, finance, capital goods, power, infrastructure, metal, oil and mining. They play a critical role in nation-building activities. Public sector undertakings are considered companies built on sound financials and strong fundamentals. The Indian Ministry of Finance is consistent in its announcements of reforms for PSUs. The result of these could be that many companies in different sectors could likely view the possibility of consolidation on a large scale, along with divestment of firms that are run by the State. This will lead to competition in the private sector and consolidate the position of PSUs all the more. The best PSU stocks come from the best PSUs and are worth looking into for investors. 

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PSU Stocks in 2023 - Worth looking into?

Analysts believe that PSU stocks will do well in 2023. Some PSU stocks may have been undervalued previously, and these have the potential to grow in a positive direction. A few PSU stocks, some in the banking sector, started as value stocks in 2022, but have changed into growth stocks. The public sector undertakings (PSUs) have been experiencing growth as a prevailing trend. In the year 2022, the PSUs, especially those in the banking sector, performed satisfactorily and contributed significantly to this growth.    Investors may contemplate investing in stocks within this sector after conducting appropriate due diligence. These stocks may derive their worth due to their characteristics of giving a boost to portfolios and being steady relative to the overall market. PSU stocks in 2023 may be worth a second glance as investors may want to broaden their investment horizons. 

PSU Stocks to Buy in 2023

India's improving infrastructure and projected growth in the coming year could lead to a favourable performance for PSUs. As usual, with any investment, especially in the case of PSUs, as government policies may change and affect these, investors may do their homework before they invest. The things to look at before investing in PSU stock are the indicators of PSU share in the overall GDP, employment generation, capital formation, and other variables. 

Here are some of the best PSU stocks to consider in 2023: 

1. ONGC (Oil & Natural Gas Corporation) 

ONGC is the largest oil exploration and production company in India. The company has operations around the world and is also involved in a few downstream activities, such as processing, refining and marketing). The oil and gas market is inherently a tight space, and the conflict in Ukraine has tightened the noose to some extent. Nonetheless, the company has seen some returns in terms of growth of revenue. ONGC has managed to maintain low levels of debt as well. 

2. NMDC Limited

NMDC is India’s largest iron ore extraction and production company. The company is also engaged in the generation of wind power, diamond exploration and the sale of sponge iron. The company is said to be one of the most low-cost iron ore producers in the world. Additionally, NMDC is the only company that is responsible for operating the only mechanised Indian diamond mine at Panna in Madhya Pradesh. In iron ore, the company enjoys a substantial market share in India. It is also at an advantage relative to other companies in the sector as it has access to high-grade iron ore reserves. Among some of the best PSU stocks in 2023, NMDC could be a consideration. 

3. Coal India

Coal India owns a significant portion of India's valid reserves within its areas of operation, accounting for the bulk of domestic coal production. With abundant coal reserves in India and the lack of availability of other sources of fuel, coal continues to play a crucial role in fulfilling India’s energy requirement. Coal India Limited contributes to a large percentage of the total power generation and achieves nearly half of the main commercial energy requirements of India. 

Additionally, going forward in a positive direction, the company has prepared a roadmap in which it predicts a huge increase in the production of coal in 2024-25. This is estimated to meet the growing demand for coal in the country. The financial profile as well as the liquidity of the company is considered healthy, and with a strong capital structure, sound cash accrual and a decent liquid surplus, the company’s fundamentals will make the company go ahead with its best foot forward. 

4. State Bank of India

In the banking sector of India, SBI has a robust record of growth in corporate credit, and retail banking. There is no doubt that this “bank of the nation” holds a dominant position in the sector of banking and finance. It is the largest bank in terms of its size. The corporation is under the ownership of the Indian government and has a pan-India presence, its reach even up to the remotest rural districts. It could be considered one of the top PSU stocks in 2023 as it has a record of maintaining a great deal of low-cost savings accounts and low-cost current account deposits. Its performance has been considered stable as a stock goes. 

5. GAIL (India) Ltd.

GAIL (India) Ltd. has a presence in a range of goods production, but its primary production lies in LPG and natural gas. Diversified segments that the company is involved in include petrochemicals, gas distribution in metros, telecom, exploration and production and liquid hydrocarbons. The Government of India is the majority owner of this company and the company is on a firm footing as it holds a substantial part of natural gas transmission in India with 14, 627 Km of pipeline.

Research Before Investment

When any investor wishes to open a demat account and invest in the stock market, a given is to do research on the company potentially being considered for investment. This policy would apply if investors were to go in for an upcoming IPO subscription too. The only way to know about sound PSUs to invest in is to read up on companies and make informed investment decisions. 


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