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Effective Strategies for Choosing a Good Demat Account for Trading

19 Jun 2023

Online trading apps are popular these days, and an online demat account is the most important aspect of any trader’s life. A demat account gives investors benefits of convenience and safety and is a must to have while investors regularly engage in trading. 

What an Online Demat Account Offers

Demat accounts provide investors with huge benefits and are a safe way to store your stocks and other assets. Demat is the common name that actually stands for ‘dematerialized’. This essentially means that a demat account is a storage facility for holding your securities in an electronic format and not physically. Services to do with demat accounts are available through DPs or depository participants (normally banks) and certain brokerage firms like Motilal Oswal. In fact, in some banks and at Motilal Oswal, you can open a free demat account. Nonetheless, when you are shopping around for a demat account, you should be aware of the ins and outs of such an account and pick the right one for you. 

Things to Look For

Before you decide to open a demat account, you have to consider certain aspects of these accounts so you can open one that suits your requirements. Consider planning and strategizing to have the best demat account that matches your investing purpose: 

  • Demat Account Charges - Investors view demat account charges as one of the most vital aspects of holding demat accounts. Brokers can charge different fees and these can, in the long term, lessen your earnings. For instance, a broker or a DP may charge you for opening an account, to maintain it, and for any transactions that take place. You should list these and choose a demat account with a decently low amount of fees. 
  • The Process - The main idea to have a demat account is to take advantage of the convenience, the security and the speed associated with the technology that an online demat account gives you. Moreover, if you are opening a demat account for trading purposes, you should have a trading account linked to it too. In light of this, you should make sure your brokerage gives you a seamless account opening procedure and a user-friendly portal through which you may operate accounts. 
  • Brokerage Charges - The primary revenue source for your broker/DP is the fees charged to clients for the services rendered. The fees for transacting while selling and buying stocks are fixed by the BSE and NSE. Nonetheless, there are brokerage charges that are levied over and above these and they vary between brokers. If you open a demat account for free, a broker may well charge you high amounts for transacting with the trading account linked to a given demat account. Hence, it is a must to shop around before you open a demat account. 

Choose the Best

The effective way to choose a demat account is to make sure it serves your investing purpose to the fullest. If you go with a great broker like Motilal Oswal, you can be sure of a great trading experience and fees and charges that compete at superior levels. 

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