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Find How to Invest in Global Stocks

Enabling Indians to invest in some of the greatest and most valuable stocks on the planet, like those of famous corporations, Apple, Amazon, Google,etc, Indians can easily reap the fruits of their investment through easy online trading. 

  • Online Trading in Global Stocks

Online trading and investing in stocks abroad is permissible from India. In order to diversify your financial portfolio, a reasonable allocation of foreign assets can see your wealth grow. Under the plan of the Liberalised Remittance Scheme or LRS, the Reserve Bank of India allows Indian residents to remit a maximum amount of $250,000 each financial year if this is for the advantage of making investments to your portfolio. Demat account opening for this purpose is possible and you can do so with reliable brokerages like Motilal Oswal. Furthermore, high operation standards of international companies and the access to a wealth of information provide you a better understanding of these investments. It's not a challenge to learn how to invest in global stocks. 

  • How to Invest Globally

To know how to invest in global stocks, you should first know that these transactions are governed and controlled by the regulations of forein exchange in India. In the case of resident Indians, investment to diversify financial portfolios in bonds and stocks abroad is allowed under LRS. The only limitation is the cap on the amount you can invest, that is, up to the value of $250,000 for each financial year. Moreover, LRS only applies to a resident of India. NRIs are not limited to the $250,000 remittance amount and are able to invest without any limitations from their assets overseas. 

  • Making Direct Investments

To make investments in global stocks, an investor may open an overseas online trading account. This can conveniently be undertaken with any Indian broker of repute. Typically, brokerages are in partnership with foreign broking firms and online trading is facilitated easily. It is also possible for any resident Indian investor to directly invest with a brokerage abroad, like TD Ameritrade, Interactive Brokers, etc. Nonetheless, specific traders abroad may require investors to necessarily maintain a minimum amount of a deposit as a rule. 

  • Investment in Listed Global Stocks

In order to invest in global stocks, you can choose another route. The NSE International Stock Exchange, known also as NSE IFSC, which is a totally-owned subsidiary of NSE Limited, and the India International Exchange or IFSC, known as India INX, part of BSE, are the major exchanges internationally. These are based at the IFSC in the Gujarat international Finance Tec-City, or GIFT City. Both these stock exchanges permit resident Indians to trade and invest in international securities and stocks. 

  • Spread Your Investments

You can spread your wings as a trader by broadening the scope of your investments and trading in global stocks through a premium Indian brokerage like Motilal Oswal. 


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