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Guide for New Entrants to the Share Market

While the share market can provide you with a yield of robust returns, it can also be a battleground for newcomers. You may not be financially savvy, yet have all the enthusiasm to trade. Newbies can trip in attempts to take stock of market trends, or be blind to market realities. Therefore, if you are new to the share market, you should think long-term as it takes time and effort to learn about the best practices of the stock market. A share market guide might also help. Here are some tips that can start you off in a positive way. 

  • Create Solid Goals

Every share market guide has to do with the primary step of establishing your goals. The share market, for starters, is not a playground. It is a place for responsible traders who make organized and written plans about trading activity. Ask yourself how diversified a portfolio you want, for instance. You must also consider what stocks may help you achieve your goals. If you strategise to have a reasonable and balanced diversified growth of wealth, you can be assured of a return of at least 6% to 8% over a span of 10 years. 

  • Stick to a Plan

Stock trading may involve a trade of a few minutes or trades lasting a few months. You should, therefore, have clarity on your exit and entry plan. You must set a strategy and not divert from it. It is a good idea to take suggestions on a mentor while trading in the share market. For beginners, a mentor may be a portal like Motilal Oswal, where you can learn from blogs and videos. 

  • Learning is Essential

Since the share market for beginners can be a scary place, the only way to arm yourself is to ensure you have an education in trading. Knowledge is the key to planning trading strategies and learning new tactics from experienced experts. This is not just about trading tactics, but about certain behavioural traits. You should comprehend your potential for tolerating risk. You may initially work with a fiduciary to organize a small diversified portfolio, just to get your allocation in order. 

  • Start Slowly and Plan Long-Term

You should begin your trading in a small way, instead of plunging in with too much fervour. You would want investments to yield returns so you can reinvest and take your path forward. You should ideally invest only around 10% of your savings in a single trade, and don’t make more than two or three trades till you make some profit. Stocks and stock trading tend to be volatile, so invest with a long-term perspective. That way, you can be safer than sorrier. 

On a Firm Footing

Beginners have it made and can start trading on a firm footing as they learn trading tricks with super brokers like Motilal Oswal. As you learn, you will gain tips and confidence to make profitable trades. 


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