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Here is How You can Avoid Paying DP Charges

While engaging in any banking and financial transactions, there are always charges and fees attached to transactions you conduct. For instance, when you opt for cash withdrawals at ATMs through your credit card, you have to pay a processing fee. Similarly, when you hold your assets in a Demat account, your DP or depository participant may charge you certain finance charges on specific transactions you execute. To know more about DP charges and how to avoid them, you should have a rough idea about the nature of a depository participant. 

  • What Does a DP Do?

A depository participant is similar to a bank that keeps your money safe for you. A depository participant or DP, holds the securities you purchase and any other assets. A popular DP is Motilal Oswal. Since you cannot buy assets directly from depositories such as the National Securities Depository Limited, the DP serves as a channel to buy assets, hold them and transact with them when you wish to. However, particular DP charges must be incurred by you and you may want to learn how to avoid DP charges as these may be costly for you if you trade a lot.  

  • DP Charges

What are DP charges and how do they get levied? Apart from charges you have to pay to open a Demat account, plus maintaining it, DPs levy other charges on you too. If you have a bank account, most banks will offer you a free demat account (no opening charges levied). Firms like Motilal Oswal offer this too. However, for any transaction executed by investors in their trading account, some DPs, for instance, charge a flat fee for the month. Others levy charges that are based on a percentage of the transaction undertaken, as when you sell stocks. 

  • Can You Avoid DP Charges? 

The answer to this question is yes, you can avoid them. Here are ways to avoid DP charges:

  1. Intraday Trading  - Intraday trading involves the process of purchasing and selling shares within the same trading day. The whole transaction is conducted before the market shuts. DP charges for intraday trading do not have to be incurred by you as shares do not get deposited into your Demat account. The purpose of this kind of trading is to make short gains and not for investment per se.
  2. BTST Trading - Taking advantage of short-term market volatility, BTST trades involve the sale of stocks before they are deposited into a Demat account. Maybe these shares had been bought previously and have not been delivered to a Demat account yet. 
  3. Futures and Options - When you trade in the derivatives market, Futures and Options, there is no DP charge involved. 

Final Remarks

A guaranteed way to reduce Demat account charges is by starting an account with a financial firm that gives you a nominal brokerage fee. Motilal Oswal is one such firm that gives you competitive rates on brokerage, only charging nominal fees on stock trading. 

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