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How Can Our Trading App Help You Stay On The Top of Market Trends and News

Technological advancements in the world of the stock market aren’t exciting anymore. Multiple developments have come into operation since the introduction of mobile trading in India. With the majority of the population using smartphone devices, adding something new and exciting is always the forefronting aim of all stock brokers. But in the meantime, stockbrokers also have to keep in mind that - news and trends are two of the most important factors that slide the market! This is why, Motilal Oswal has incorporated a systematic way for investors to keep updated on the news and trends, thereby helping them to make an informed investment decision.

Why do news and trends hold such an important place in the world of investing? Well… the answer is investor sentiments. We are all humans inhabiting emotions. In the words of Warren Buffett, “If you cannot control your emotions, you will not be able to control your money!” This simply means humans tend to decide based on the biases of their emotions. News attracts and attacks emotions equally. If something bad has to happen, investors will walk out of their investment portfolios instantly, just to safeguard their money. But does that really help? NO! You cannot just erase a plan for the long termf. In this case, investors will have to understand how the news will impact their portfolio/holding. If the impact is severe, it is advisable to talk to an expert before jumping to a conclusion and withdrawing all money. If the impact is bearable, stay guarded. To stay put, one has to learn how to differentiate emotional investments and market investments. With the trading app, our research experts perfectly describe the situation, the impact and the effect of the news on the stock market, thus helping investors not only read but understand the news. But let’s alter the situation and say that there is good news. This ignites a positive sentiment all around and people start buying stocks, not even thinking if this “actually” is a right time to buy. In this case, one has to study the trends.

What are trends? In the stock market, a trend refers to the general direction in which the prices of a particular stock or the overall market is moving over a certain period of time. Trends can be identified as either upward, downward, or sideways, and are often used by investors and traders to make decisions on buying or selling securities. While reading the news, it is also important that investors and traders study the trends equally to understand if the stock is a potential buy or a sell call. With the MO INVESTOR trading app, we have made it easy to identify trends via charts. Charts provide detailed study of the trends in just a few seconds. So, if the news is good and the trend suggests it is a buy, you know what it means!

While there are many indicators, investors and traders must be aware of news and trends to help themselves find the perfect spot to make maximum returns or to exit a decline. In other words, it is just simple to follow trends and news at one place by installing MO INVESTOR. So, download it now!

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