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How Does Investing in the Stock Market Work

05 Jan 2023

Encouraged by the positive performance of the stock market in 2021, investors in rural and urban areas view investment in the stock market as a fruitful way to make returns. With bank interests hitting all-time lows, it almost seems like there is no choice for investors but to look for alternative lucrative investment channels. The stock market provides a great solution, provided investors take calculated risks and do some analysis in advance. 

Portfolio Diversification

Nowadays, investors have reached the conclusion that owning a diverse portfolio of financial instruments as investment mitigates their risk, and provides decently good  returns. Furthermore, it is not a chore to open a demat account and start your stock investment with a reliable brokerage that gives you learning opportunities to help you invest in better ways. Additionally, since all activities and financial transactions can be conducted online, investing in the live stock market is easier than it ever was before. Taking advantage of good opportunities in the stock market is easy with a smartphone that lets you invest at the spur of the moment through the best apps. 

What is the stock market?

In the plainest terms, the stock market consists of a constellation containing exchanges. At these exchanges, securities such as stocks, bonds, etc. are purchased and sold. In India, the main exchanges are the NSE (National Stock Exchange) and the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange). It is primarily via these two exchanges that stocks are traded in. The exchanges have companies listed on them, and investors may access this investment market online to trade. Traders and investors may buy stocks of different companies and sell them at a profit. Other ways to invest in stocks are through an upcoming IPO, when a company goes public and gets officially listed on any exchange. 

How does investing in the stock market work? 

By now you have a clue as to how investment in the stock market works in basic ways. The participants of stock markets are the stock exchanges, investors and traders, brokers and brokerages and the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), the regulatory authority for the markets in India. You can view stock exchanges as platforms like a marketplace that links buyers and sellers who wish to trade in stocks of any given company. 

In case an investor wishes to invest in stocks in this investment market, they must open a demat account with a DP or a depository participant. This is the entity that is authorised to store stocks in electronic format once they are bought. The demat account is also linked to a trading account. This helps you transact in stocks and shares of companies in the stock market. 

Besides direct stock investment (buying and selling shares of a company), you can invest in stock derivatives through the stock market. These are futures and options contracts with stocks as underlying assets. 

Sign Up with Good Brokers

Investing in the stock market works by participating in the markets and buying or selling shares. If you want to be successful and gain profits from your investment, it's worth signing up with a good broker where you can open a demat account online. This will be linked to a trading account and your bank account so your investments and trading activities are carried out without a hitch. While you are considering stock market investment, you may want to invest in an upcoming IPO that offers some potential positive gains in the future. 


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