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How is MO Trader Different from Other Mobile Trading Apps

The Indian Stock Market is flocked with more than three hundred stockbrokers, who have designed and developed trading applications based on their unique features. Individuals who are getting started with trading and investing, are caught in the middle of these multiple options to choose from. To attract the millennial customers and the ‘Gen Z’ audience, stockbrokers resort to attractive offers or provide trading with lower broking charges. But what hides behind this veil of discount broking is never visible to new investors and traders. While it is true that the customer spends less on the brokerage, the main question that arises is - how is it truly beneficial to the customer himself?

Before we move ahead to explore the answer, what every individual must know is that trading and investing is not as simple as it is portrayed. Moreover, it is a process of learning that eventually bears the fruit. With the MO Trader - one of its kind mobile trading app, Motilal Oswal has segregated the platform exclusively for traders. The application is designed keeping in mind that traders have to be well-informed and prepared for any action that takes place in the stock market. Time being one of the most critical elements for traders has been given the maximum importance in the MO Trader application. To help traders execute multiple orders at a time, tools such as - ‘Power Trade’ are incorporated within the app. This enables traders to add multiple scripts of a given quantity and execute all trades at once. Thus, erasing the need to go back and forth multiple times to execute multiple trades.

An intraday trader has the opportunity to book profits on minimum price fluctuations. But the only requirement, in this case, is that the trader needs to have a bulk of capital besides him/her. Understanding this requirement, Motilal Oswal, introduced the Marginplus Buy and Sell product, which enables traders to get additional capital to invest in more stocks. With MarginPlus, Motilal Oswal provides an opportunity to traders to increase the lot size of the trade, i.e., buying more shares by paying a small initial margin. Thus making the MO Trader app the best intraday trading app available today.

Sensibull, another key element of the MO Trader app, makes the trading experience an equally satisfying experience for both - a novice trader and an expert. The app allows traders to create strategies, guess the trend and trade in Options in simple steps. Moreover, the app allows social networking with renowned traders, displaying the Profit and Loss of every trade shared by traders to allow transparency.

Last but not least comes the exclusive expert tool - TGS. The Trade Guide Signal is an innovative trend guiding tool that automatically generates Buy & Sell trading ideas for all asset classes and all types of Traders! Known for its state-of-the-art innovation, the TGS expert tool is a first-of-its-kind artificial intelligence tool that is designed by combining the minds of the experts and the strength of computing technology. The aim behind building this technology is to embed discipline and empower emotionless trading, to acquaint traders with the practicality of trading in the stock market. This automatic expert tool is a beginner’s friend, which allows novice traders to generate buy & sell entries, predict stop loss, and exit signals.

Coming back to the question that we discussed in the first half of the blog, it can be seen that though many stockbrokers have shifted to providing discount broking opportunities, they do not technically offer qualified research-based expert tools to access. On the other hand Motilal Oswal, not only provides access to expert tools but also makes life easy for traders by guiding them through every step of their trading experience.

These features put together make an excellent combination to crown the MO Trader app as the best trading app in India.

In the words of the great investor - Warren Buffet,

We don’t have to be smarter than the rest. We have to be more disciplined than the rest.

Become a disciplined trader with a disciplined stockbroker.

Open demat account to trade seamlessly with Motilal Oswal.

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