How to Download Demat Holdings Statement? | Motilal Oswal
How to Download Demat Holdings Statement? | Motilal Oswal

How to Download my Demat Holdings Statement?

Stocks held by investors in their Demat accounts are called Demat Holdings. As these shares are traded electronically, they are held in a dematerialized form. Physical shares can also be converted into electronic formats. A Demat account has numerous benefits over physical share trading which has got outdated. Statement of demat holdings provide the investor with a detailed view of stocks traded and their values.

When shares are purchased on stock exchange, it takes over two working days for the transfer to take place and get reflected in your account. The Depository Participant (DP) or the broker acts as an intermediary in the process. He will get the shares in a Pool Account and after verifying for fund clearance, the shares get transferred to your account. These are known as DP Holdings. Once a holding is transferred to the account, the investor is the sole owner and fully entitled to take any action deemed fit. Viewing and downloading demat holding statement is quite simple.

  • How to download demat holding statement?

To download the demat account holding statement, go to the trading platform/ application that you use. Click on the 'Portfolio' tab. A new window with all the requisite details will be promptly displayed. You can see the total number of holdings, names of each individual holding, the quantity, closing price and current value. There are also options to download the holding statement in a PDF format. Usually, the broker sends a demat holding statement on a quarterly basis to the registered email Id.

  • What's a Depository Participant?

A Depository participant is a bank or a brokerage firm registered with either CSDL or NSDL. You can check the list of the depository participants online and then select the one's that offer the most competitive services. It's advised to first compile a list of all brokerage firms that offer services and then select the one most suited to your requirements.

Mainly, brokerage firms are of two types: discount and service. The product offerings of discount brokerage firms are equity and derivatives. It engages in trade as per the customer's wish. Service brokers also offer other investor services like consultancy, advisory, mutual funds, insurance, IPOs etc. In case you are unable to view or download the demat holding statement, contact the DP.

  • Demat account opening process:

Demat account can be opened anytime by just following these simple steps:

1. Get in touch with a depository participant (DP)

2. Submit the completed account opening form provided by the DP along with all the KYC (Know your Customer) details. A photocopy of PAN card, address proof and bank account details also need to be submitted to the depository participant.

3. DP initiates a verification process upon receiving all documents.

4. On the completion of the verification process, the depository participant opens the Demat account on your behalf.


Viewing a holding statement is a one-click process. Just visit the website and click on the portfolio tab. Once you have downloaded the holdings statement, you can check your investments and returns thoroughly and plan your next move.Online Demat account provides multiple benefits including the ease to download demat holding statement whenever you want.

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