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How to Trade Stocks Using Stock Market App

01 Dec 2023

As mobile applications have become more ubiquitous, people with access to the internet and a smartphone can join the ranks of stock traders and investors. Stock trading is just a tap of the screen away now. While most stock trading apps are designed to be intuitive and a trader with a fair understanding of technology can easily operate them and start trading, it is imperative that they first understand the basics of trading in stocks.

Selection of the right broker, the appropriate stocks to invest in and trading strategy are important factors to lock in before one can just start trading on an app. Here’s what a potential investor must look for before starting trading in stocks on a mobile app.

Choose the right broker: You must find a stockbroker with an online presence. Some of the boxes a good broker should check are impeccable reputation, low transaction fees, and a solid repository of knowledge so that traders are exposed to different options. Moreover, the broker’s app should be easy to use and have features that are customisable for each individual trader.

Research stocks: For beginners, especially, choosing the right stocks to invest in can be challenging. Before starting to trade on an online app, therefore, you must conduct thorough research. Alternatively, you can also start by investing in exchange-traded funds (ETF), which let investors buy bundles of stock at any given point. Moreover, investors must diversify their portfolios by investing in assets other than just stocks.

Trading strategy: Landing on the right trading strategy that suits you personally as an investor is extremely important before you can start placing trades on a stock trading app. Are you a daily trader or a long-term investor? Would you place a market order or limit orders? As a day trader, you can buy and sell stocks throughout a working day. Long-term investors, on the other hand, purchase the stocks and hold on to them for months or even years.

Market orders are placed to be processed immediately and the asset being traded is bought or sold at the best available price. A limit order, on the other hand, is not executed immediately. It also gives the trader better control over the price.


Traders should consider what amount of money they can invest, in which securities they must pour this money, and finally, how they must trade before signing up for an investment account on an online app. In fact, several stock trading apps provide the option of practising trading in simulations before actually trading with money. With the required skills to trade in stocks, using a stock market app can help traders build wealth fruitfully.

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