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Indian Equities Markets Reach New HIghs on Par With Global Markets

05 Jan 2023

International broking firms like Morgan Stanley and UBS have professed that India is fast turning into a favoured place where equity shares are concerned. Now, traders in India couldn’t be happier as they are realizing that domestic equity marketplaces are in the company of exclusive global equities. 

  • The Rise of the Indian Equity Market

In May, 2021, Indian share markets were talked about in the same way as some of the most distinctive markets in the developed world. Developed markets involved in equity trading, such as the UK, USA and Germany, have seen yearly highs. As new highs were recorded in the Indian market sphere, international investors started to take notice. At around the same time, another emerging market that was being touted widely was that of Brazil, while India’s peers like Taiwan and South Korea were, and still are, seeing lows of 2 - 10% as compared with the previous year. New Zealand, too, is lower than previous times. Domestic equity shares saw an immense drop in April, 2021, when the second wave of the pandemic struck. In fact, most experts weren’t hopeful about the markets. However, in a sudden turn of events, the markets made a sharp swing, only to return stronger than ever in May. The reason for this? The infections declined and optimism filled people’s minds. The markets were not to be left out. The prediction of the economy bouncing back led to more financial activity, and businesses reopened to optimism all around. Here learn more on Equity Trading : Pros and Cons.

  • Infectious Optimism

The second wave of the virus came and went and as the wave bent, almost every equity saw a rise in equity share price. Globally, too, the world was opening up and the initial hyper-phobic sentiment that was prevalent in the peak of the pandemic began to simmer down. With near normalcy on the horizon, and vaccines to enhance this new-found happiness, the economy of India started showing signs of relief. Moreover, equities that were underperforming even before the pandemic, showed a rise in value. As the equity market goes, equity trading is on the rise too. Stock market trading faced a lull in the six months before May of this year, but has picked up pace. The Nifty, a benchmark that is relied on by investors, is at a high that has been rarely seen before, and Indian markets have seen gains of 11 percent. Such gains are often seen in developed economies, so India is all set to be up there with Western nations. 

  • The Indian Shift 

With comparable indices of benchmarks in countries like the UK, Germany and USA up to between 12 - 13%, on a yearly basis, Indian markets can be easily included in the league with the best that exist in the equity trading world. Analysts predict that the Nifty will hit its target of 17,500 anytime soon. India has performed well because of inflows, whereas most other Asian nations had to deal with heavy shortages amid massive scales of infection. 

  • Grow With India

You can ride the growth wave with India, and as you find this is the right time to invest, have a look at Motilal Oswal, a reputed Indian broker, to kickstart your investment adventure.

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