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Investing Lessons at a Young Age

05 Jan 2023

It is unfortunate that financial literacy is not part of the curriculum in schools. Formally, if this was a part of the school curriculum, children would learn how to be adept at handling funds at a young age. This would help them in the future and prevent them from issues like potential debt, etc. Having said that, there are many parents who realise the need for early investment lessons that can help children to ensure financial security for the future. Parents often turn to online sources for help. 

  • Life Lessons

Early investment lessons are life lessons. Awareness about how to save money by investing it prudently can go far in teaching children to become responsible adults. As children grow into adults, if they achieve financial literacy early, they can be financially independent young adults too. Learning investment skills are the key to proper financial planning and wealth management. By trial and error, many children can learn about finances early, and mistakes don’t impact them harshly. 

  • Investment in Stocks and Securities

One of the good ways of teaching children to invest is to expose them to the stock market. While you can do this when you yourself trade at user-friendly online platforms like Motilal Oswal, there are other online platforms that can help your child to achieve the goal of financial literacy. You can choose other great platforms that teach children how to invest in other ways too. Here are 5 to seriously look at: 

  1. Junio - This is a very child-friendly learning space to make your child aware of investment. The company makes available cards that represent the pocket money of children. The company offers children a ‘smart card’ and this permits them to make digital/physical purchases. By using the card, children learn how to prioritise funds and not overspend. 
  2. FamPay - An app for teenagers that facilitates UPI and other payments, minors and their families can pay through this without the need for a bank account. Early investment lessons are learned with regards to saving money, and the allocation of wealth. The platform also has interesting blogs that give children exposure to other forms of investment like trading, etc. 
  3. Motilal Oswal - A prominent broking firm, mainly for enabling trading for serious investors and novices, the platform also has a lot of videos for young adults to view and learn from. There are also interesting and easily-understood blogs to read on the platform. 
  4. Skillshare - This online learning platform offers beginner classes for teenagers and young adults. Each lesson is brief and keeps children engaged without any boredom. Here, kids can learn about investing in  the stock market, the  commodities market and other asset classes. 
  5. The Sesame Workshop - Especially built for younger children, this platform uses your children’s friendly Sesame Street characters (basically puppets) to teach them to be empowered financially. Children learn about how to differentiate between needs and wants, how to budget, etc. 
  • Learn and Earn

When learning about investment in stocks and shares, and other investment avenues, starts at a young age, information is better absorbed. Furthermore, it lasts a lifetime as you teach your children about how to invest wisely. You can use Motilal Oswal, a key broker in India, to help in your child’s investment education. 

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