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Top 5 Stocks to Invest in Under Rs. 75

Investing in the share market today exposes people to a wide range of opportunities for growing their wealth. There are a number of stocks available across different sectors and industries for you to invest in and earn good returns too. In general, experts advise investing for the long run, as this turns out more profitable for investors given the stock market’s inherent volatility. If you wish to build a robust financial portfolio, stocks must be a part of it along with other vehicles of investment. 

Long-term stocks in large-cap categories may see you earning huge rewards in the future. However, there are certain stocks you can dabble in, for the short-term. Additionally, if you want to try your hand in the stock market today, as a beginner, you can invest just a small amount till you get down to the real nitty gritty of hard-core stock investment. 

Start Small

If you have just thought that you wish to open a demat account and plunge into the world of stock market investment, you should be mindful. Novices may often lose money rather than gain what they were expecting. On the other hand, there are some investors who try their luck in the share market today, with very little to invest. For such investors, penny stocks are a wise way to earn a little return in the short term. As the name aptly suggests, penny stocks are those which are always on the low side in price. You may think of considerable quantities to purchase, as the price of each share is below Rs. 74 in many cases. And what about returns? Penny stocks can give you multibagger gains, and when this happens, you are in a win-win situation. Some of the best of these stocks, under Rs. 75, can be good investments for you to make. 

The Top 5 Stock Picks Under Rs. 75

Today, many folks believe that an upcoming IPO is a good investment to make in the area of equity. However, you have a great opportunity to gain tomorrow's favourite stock when you invest in it at a low price today. Here are 5 of the best to pick out under Rs. 75 in the stock market today:

  • Union Bank - Union Bank of India is one of the country's leading public sector banks. The bank is a publicly traded company, with the government of India owning 83.50 percent of the entire share capital. The bank, which has its headquarters in Mumbai, India, was established as a limited company on November 11, 1919.
  • Trident - Trident Limited is a market leader in the production of Yarn Bath Linen Bed Linen Wheat Straw-based Paper Chemicals and Captive Power. The company operates cutting-edge manufacturing facilities in Barnala (Punjab) and Budni (Madhya Pradesh). The company has a large clientele in over 100 countries.
  • TV18 Broadcast - Part of the Network18 Group, the company owns and operates several news and entertainment channels in India. It has strategic partnerships with Viacom18 and international conglomerates like NBCUniversal and Warner Bros.
  • Lemon Hotel Tree - Lemon Tree Hotels is a business-hotel chain headquartered in India targeted at corporates. The company owns and operates 84 hotels in 52 Indian cities, totaling 8300 rooms.
  • IOCL - Indian Oil Corporation Limited, located in New Delhi, is an Indian government-owned oil and gas exploration and producer. It is a government-owned enterprise whose operations are supervised by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas.




Union Bank






TV18 Broadcast



Lemon Tree Hotel






Diligent Investing

There is no harm in investing in blue chip stocks in the share market today. However, when you open a demat account, you should think of mitigating your risk, or starting your financial portfolio with small stocks. Sure, you may also invest in stocks in another way, as you allocate your capital to an upcoming IPO, but consider the many other ways to invest in the markets.

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