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Top Agriculture Stocks in India 2023


India is an agrarian economy, and its agricultural sector plays a substantial role in the country's development. Investing in agriculture stocks in India can offer several benefits with the potential for long-term growth. India's population is rapidly increasing, which is expected to increase the demand for food and agricultural products. The Government of India has also been implementing various initiatives and policies to support and promote the agricultural sector, including subsidies, farmer welfare schemes, and improved infrastructure. Here is a good opportunity now to explore the best agriculture stocks in India. 

Top 5 agriculture stocks in India in 2023:

1. PI Industries Ltd

PI Industries Ltd is an integrated agrochemical solution company. Founded in 1946 as Mewar Oil and General Mills Ltd, the company later changed its name to PI Industries Ltd. The company is engaged in Research and Development (R and D), Custom Synthesis and Manufacturing (CSM), and distribution services. PI Industries Ltd offers a range of agrochemical products, such as fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and speciality products.  

PI Industries Ltd has a market capitalization of Rs 52,475.50 crore as of 26 May 2023. The company has a noteworthy market presence in India and also exports its products to various countries worldwide. PI Industries is also committed to sustainability and responsible business practices. 

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2. Goodricke Group Limited

Goodricke Group Limited is a tea-producing company based in India. Established on 14 June 1977, the company has three tea estates in Darjeeling, three in Assam, and 12 in Dooars. The company strongly emphasises the use of sustainable business practices and actively works towards the betterment of its workers. Goodricke Group Limited has a market capitalisation of Rs 392.36 crore as of 26 May 2023, with a strong market presence not only in India but also across the world. 

3. Coromandel International Limited

Coromandel International Limited is an Indian manufacturer of fertilisers, speciality nutrients, and bio-pesticides for crop protection. IMC, Chevron Companies, and EID Parry founded the company in the 1960s. Coromandel International Limited has a network of 750 stores. The company also has a team of 1000+ crop advisors that work directly with three million farmers in India. Coromandel International Limited is a prominent player in the agriculture sector engaged in manufacturing, innovation and technology, and farmer engagement with a market capitalisation of Rs 27,578.49 crore as of 26 May 2023.

4. UPL Limited

Originally known as United Phosphorus Limited, UPL Limited produces and markets agrochemicals, pesticides, industrial chemicals, fungicides, herbicides, chemical intermediates, and speciality chemicals. UPL Limited was founded in 1969 and is backed by 50+ years of industry experience. It has a sales presence in 138 countries, more than 13,000 product registrations, and 43 manufacturing facilities. The company is also focused on sustainability and maintaining a healthy environment. UPL Limited has a market capitalisation of Rs 27,578.49 crore as of 26 May 2023 and is among the top five in the global agrochemicals industry.

5. Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited

Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited was founded in 1913 and is a concern of the Wadia Group. The 150-year-old company has tea plantations covering over 2,822 hectares in the hills of South India. Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited produces eight million kilograms of tea annually. The company also has coffee plantations in Coorg, covering an area of approximately 4,105 square kilometres. Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited has a market capitalisation of Rs 6,620.31 crore as of 26 May 2023 and is one of the oldest companies operating since the pre-independence era.

To sum it up

While these five agriculture stocks in India can offer the potential for returns, it is essential to conduct thorough research, analyse the company's financial performance, and understand the market dynamics before investing money. Investors must also consider their investment goals and risk tolerance before making any investment decisions.

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