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Unlocking the Power of Momentum in Trading

25 Oct 2023


Momentum trading is a dynamic strategy that capitalizes on the continuation of existing market trends. It's a popular approach among traders seeking to profit from the momentum of an asset's price movement. Let's explore momentum trading strategies, providing insights into how such strategies can be used effectively in financial markets.

What is a Momentum Trading Strategy?

Momentum trading is based on the principle of the "momentum effect," which states that assets in motion tend to stay in motion. Traders using this strategy aim to identify assets that are gaining momentum and then enter trades in the direction of that momentum. Various indicators help traders identify momentum, such as moving averages, the relative strength index (RSI), and the moving average convergence divergence (MACD).

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How to use this strategy?

Let us first take a look at the different ways in which we can use the Momentum trading strategy. There are two such ways:

  • Short-term momentum trading

Short-term momentum trading is usually associated with traders who take positions on an intra-day basis and do not hold any positions overnight to avoid overnight risk and market fluctuations. These traders look at the hourly or half-hourly price movement of an asset to understand the direction of the price and pick trades accordingly. Such a trading strategy requires more active monitoring and, at the same time, provides more frequent trading options.

  • Long-term momentum trading

Long-term momentum trading is usually associated with traders who take positions for an extended period. These traders look at the daily, weekly, or monthly price movement charts of an asset to understand the direction of the price and pick trades accordingly. These traders filter out the noise of short-term price volatility and try to capture the movement of prices over an extended period. They often combine this technical indicator with fundamental analysis for a better understanding of the asset's price behavior and take an informed long-term position. 

How does momentum trading work?

Momentum trading propels a trader to enter a position when the asset is expected to exhibit an upward trend and exit the position when the asset is about to face a trend reversal. This idea is based on the principle that assets usually take some time to indicate their true prices, and traders can exploit such time gaps. For an upward trend (Downward Trend), the trader will place an order above the CMP (below the CMP) to achieve the desired entry.


Momentum trading is a strategy that can yield significant profits for traders who understand how to harness it effectively. By comprehending the principles of momentum trading, selecting the right assets, managing risk, and continually fine-tuning your approach, you can position yourself to seize opportunities in the dynamic world of financial markets.


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