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What are the benefits of using MO Investor App

When it comes to online trading, very few stock broking houses are as versatile as Motilal Oswal. And the MO investor app by Motilal Oswal has had a huge role to play in it. This mobile trading app can be installed on a compatible smartphone running either Android or iOS and allows you to place trades online from wherever you are. 

With the help of this mobile investor app, you can also study the market, keep track of your investments, and more. That said, these aren’t the only benefits that you get to enjoy by using the MO investor app though. Here’s a quick look at some of the other benefits of using the mobile investor app from Motilal Oswal. 

1. Ability to invest in mutual funds

With the Motilal Oswal mobile trading app, you can quickly and safely invest in any mutual funds of your choice. That’s not all. You also get to check out the performances of the funds, their ratings, and their reviews. Thanks to the MO investor app, you can kick start your wealth creation journey in just a few clicks. 

2. Access to educational content 

Unsure of a particular trading concept and wish you had more information regarding it? The investor app can help you out with that by providing access to EDUMO, Motilal Oswal’s very own educational content repository. You can learn all about stock trading through educational videos and other helpful content via the app itself.     

3. Portfolio customization 

The mobile trading app from Motilal Oswal allows you to create your very own portfolio based on your investment style and risk appetite. In addition to giving you this ability, the app also gives you plenty of customization options with respect to the tenure and investment amount as well. 

4. Suggest Me tool 

Finding it tough to create your own portfolio? The Suggest Me tool on the MO investor app can do the job for you. This unique tool, powered by Artificial Intelligence, gives you insights and advice regarding stocks and investment portfolios backed by Motilal Oswal’s research team.  

5. Ability to invest in foreign stocks 

If you think that the Indian stock market is not diverse enough, the mobile investor app from Motilal Oswal allows you to invest in foreign stocks. With this, you can purchase whole shares or even fractional shares of some of the largest companies in the world like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and more. 


In addition to the benefits specified above, the mobile trading app also allows you to invest in alternative investments like digital gold through the ME Gold program. So, if you’re interested in online trading, contact Motilal Oswal right away to open a trading account and gain access to the MO investor app.   

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