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What do you mean by notional value

07 Dec 2023


Notional value is a term commonly used in finance, particularly in derivatives trading. Irrespective of whether you have been trading for some time or just starting, you may have come across this term. This guide will discuss the meaning, definition, and use of notional value to understand its significance in trading.

What is notional value?

The notional value is the theoretical value of a financial instrument. It represents the face value on which calculations for payments are determined. It is also known as the notional amount or the notional principal amount. The notional value is commonly used in equity options, currency swaps, etc., to assess potential gains or losses and calculate interest rate payments. The value indicates the amount of money controlled by a position in a particular financial instrument. It generally remains constant unless there are changes in the contract size or underlying price.

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The notional value holds significant importance in financial markets, particularly in derivatives and risk management. It helps you determine the amount of the underlying asset that needs to be hedged against potential price fluctuations.

How do you calculate the notional value?

The nominal value can be calculated using the following formula:

NV = CS × UP


  • NV represents the notional value.
  • CS stands for the contract size, which is the predetermined size or quantity of the financial contract.
  • UP denotes the underlying price, the current market price of the underlying asset or reference.

How is the notional value used in different instruments?

Here’s how the notional value is used in different market assets:

1. Equity options

The notional value is a critical parameter in determining the potential value and impact of the option on your portfolio. It signifies the control a particular option holds rather than the ownership of the asset.

2. Interest rate swaps

Notional value plays a pivotal role in calculating exchanged interest rate payments. In currency swaps, this metric determines the value around which interest rate transactions revolve. It enables you to gauge the amount of interest that will be due.

3. Total return swaps

A total return swap is a financial arrangement where one party commits to paying the other a fixed or floating rate of interest multiplied by a notional principal amount inclusive of depreciation. At the same time, the counterparty reciprocates by paying the appreciation of the notional value.

4. Currency swaps

Similar to interest rate swaps, determining interest rate payments also plays a crucial role in currency swaps. Currency swaps incorporate two notional values, each associated with a distinct currency. The notional principal values in currency swaps are the foundation for calculating interest payments and exchange rate movements.

How does notional value differ from market value?

Notional value and market value are distinct concepts. The former represents the nominal or face value of a financial instrument. It helps determine the exposure scale or the amount of an underlying asset controlled by a particular position. On the other hand, the latter is the current price at which a financial instrument can be bought or sold in the market. Market value reflects the real-time supply and demand dynamics and is influenced by investor sentiment, economic conditions, and overall market trends.

It is essential to understand that while notional value is a theoretical concept, market value is the actual price at which a financial instrument is traded.

Both metrics play a crucial role in assessing and managing financial positions. Each figure can provide unique insights into the value and risk associated with a particular investment and help you make informed decisions.

To sum it up

Notional value is a fundamental concept in derivatives trading and provides a theoretical measure of risk. Understanding its role in different instruments is essential for making informed decisions and managing your portfolio effectively.


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