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What Is a Trading Desk And Its Types

15 Sep 2023

What is a Trading Desk?

Trading desks are distinct departments within financial institutions or stockbroking firms. They specialize in buying and selling securities via stock exchanges, such as equity shares, bonds, debentures, derivatives, or commodities, to fulfill the needs of their clients. This department consists of terminals headed by experts to execute such trades. 

Trading desks can be an indispensable service to firms. They provide expertise in transactional cost analysis and developing winning trading strategies. Firms charge clients a commission fee for these services as their compensation.

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Trading desks not only facilitate profitable trades for clients, but they also offer additional valuable services. This includes structuring financial products, identifying profitable trading opportunities, creating supporting documents, etc. 

How Does the Trading Desk Work?

Stockbrokers and financial institutions utilize dedicated floor spaces where highly experienced professional traders are staffed by rows of desks with multiple trading terminals. These professionals possess certifications or trading licenses. To facilitate optimal management and tight focus, firms typically assign each desk its individual security or market segment for trading purposes.

Terminal traders use their expertise, advanced technology, trading algorithms, and artificial intelligence to identify and take advantage of potential lucrative trading opportunities. 

Types Of Trading Desk

In general, there are two types of trading desks:

1. Agency Trading Desks

Stock brokers establish agency trading desks to buy and sell assets on their client's behalf for a commission. 

2. Proprietary Trading Desks

Proprietary trading desks are established with the primary intention of trading on behalf of their financial institution. Such desks use funds owned by the institution instead of from clients to generate profit.

Types of Trading Desks Based on Asset Traded

Stockbrokers and financial institutions usually organize their trading desks according to the type of assets they trade. These are:

1. Equity Trading Desks

Equity trading desks specialize in buying and selling the stocks of companies. Furthermore, these firms often deal in derivative contracts like futures and options of the stocks or indices.

2. Fixed-income Trading Desks

These trading desks specialize in buying and selling fixed-income securities on the market. Fixed-income investments refer to debt instruments like bonds, debentures, and government securities.

3. Commodity Trading Desks 

Commodity trading desks purchase and sell various commodities, like agricultural produce, metals, bullion, energy sources, etc. 

4. Forex Trading Desks

Forex Trading Desks specializes in purchasing and selling foreign currencies on the spot market to generate profits by capitalizing on foreign exchange movements.


Trading desks are the nerve centers of financial markets. Skilled professionals navigate complex financial instruments to make profitable transactions. When considering working with trading desks, investors must make careful considerations. 


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