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How Do Investment Calculators Help You Reach Your Financial Goals
07 Aug 2023

Investment is something of a challenge for numerous people. While the intention of investment is genuine, and individuals understand its importance to grow wealth, many potentials cease and desist where investment is concerned. The initial issue may be the confusion about where to invest wealth, and what instruments to choose for investment. The share market today is a pretty straightforward place to invest, but this investment channel scares many away due to its “risk factor”. On the other hand, it has also proved fruitful for a number of patient investors who follow long-term strategies of investing. 

Nowadays, you get investment calculators which can be used online to invest wisely, as these give you estimated amounts in terms of returns, according to how much you wish to invest in any particular investment mode. 

The Need for Investment

If you want to be able to fulfil certain life goals (all all of us do), there is a dire need to invest your capital in a way that yields returns so that you can meet financial expenses in the future. Goal-based investing has, at its very core, the premise that starting investments early, based on the goals to be achieved, is the key to prudent investment. There are many kinds of investors, based on their risk appetite, investment goals and financial requirements. Investment is also based on how much capital you have at your disposal when you wish to invest. Hence, you can allocate some of your wealth to the share market today, and put aside some for other investments. No matter what you ultimately choose, your investment should hold the promise of returns that are sufficient to meet your needs. 

Experts and analysts who are seasoned at investment will often advise you to have a financial portfolio (or at least, attempt to have one) that is as diversified as possible. So, you can put some of your wealth into the stock markets, and open a demat account for the same, and allocate the rest to certain fixed income plans or blends of plans to lessen your risks from stock investment. 

The Need for Calculators

You may already be proficient at online trading or have thought of investing in a great upcoming IPO. If you want to estimate your returns, although this may give you a rough idea, you can do so with an online investment calculator. While investing in equities, your returns may not be guaranteed even if you have some past data about a particular stock in question. However, in other investment instruments like retirement plans, SIPs, mutual funds, Compound Interest Schemes like PPF, and the like, you can gauge your returns through an online investment calculator. The main advantage of online calculators is that you can decide how much to invest and your returns, and then make informed decisions so you won’t face disappointment later. Additionally, you can use inflation calculators to determine how much your investment will be valued in the future after accounting for inflation. By doing this, you can ensure that your investment is keeping up with inflation and that you are not actually losing money. Online calculators, such as the CAGR calculator and Compound interest calculator, can be a helpful tool for investors who are looking to make sound investment choices. These calculators can help investors to estimate the potential returns of their investments, as well as the impact of costs and risk on their returns.

Various online financial platforms like brokerages and asset management companies provide individuals with investment calculators for use online. Some investment calculators are general use devices which help you estimate your returns based on amounts you enter with a rate of interest. For example, you can use a PPF calculator to see how much your investment in PPF will grow over time, given a certain rate of interest and investment amount. This can help you determine whether PPF is a good investment for you. Fixed deposit calculators work this way. You may not have an investment calculator to estimate your returns in the share market today, but you have specific ones to estimate returns with different amounts and tenures in mutual fund online calculators, SIP calculators and ULIP calculators, for instance in the above content add retirement calculator and hyperlink it with the given link.  There are certain online calculators that also guide you in terms of what tax benefits or deductions may be availed when you invest certain amounts online mutual fund calculator.

No Excuse to Avoid Investment

Personalised investment is the need of the hour, and a good brokerage will always provide you with this. Depending on your unique needs, you can open a demat account online to invest in shares, commodities, and other assets, or go in for any upcoming IPO. Other investment instruments are at your disposal too, and with investment calculators, goal-based investing is a possibility with clear advantages while comparing investment avenues. 




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