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Top upcoming IPOs in 2022

27 Jul 2023
  • The IPO Boom of 2021

Over 60 IPOs launched in India in 2021, raising more than Rs.1.31 trillion. Investors all across the country have developed a keen interest in adding IPOs to their well-curated portfolios. Armed with knowledge about the latest promising IPOs and how to establish a smart stock SIP or systematic investment plan, even an inexperienced investor can get great returns. Read on to find out more about the top 10 eagerly anticipated IPOs that may see a launch in 2022.

  • Expected IPOs in 2022

1.  LIC 

LIC is a government-managed life insurance provider and a big name in India. It is expected that its upcoming IPO 2023 proposal will be completed by the end of the ongoing fiscal year. It is estimated that the LIC IPO could bring in Rs.1 lakh crore, making it the biggest Indian IPO yet. 

2. NSE 

The expected worth of the National Stock Exchange (NSE) is somewhere around Rs. 2 lakh crore. India’s biggest stock market is expected to go public this year, and raise Rs. 10,000 crore through a share sale.

3. Adani Wilmar 

The food firm FMGC offers an array of culinary commodities such as rice, edible, sugar, wheat flour, along with industrial needs to Indian consumers. While Adani Wilmar’s IPO launch date is yet to be confirmed, it is likely that it will debut in January. The aim is to raise around Rs.4,500 crores, and the face value per equity share is at Rs.1.

4. BYJU's 

Startups in India have been growing rapidly over the past decade. Byju’s is an edtech platform and one of the most valued startups in India. There are talks of BYJU’s merging with an acquisition business by Churchill Capital. 

5. Delhivery 

India’s logistics sector has seen a lot of activity in the past few years, and Delhivery is one of the biggest startups in this sector. The company has filed its DRHP with SEBI and the IPO’s issue amount is around Rs. 7,400 crores. Major stockholders include China Momentum Fund, Times Internet and SoftBank. 

6. PharmEasy 

A pharmaceutical platform, PharmEasy is aiming to raise Rs. 6,250 crores through a fresh issue of shares in order to settle their debts and promote organic growth initiatives among other reasons. While it is facing some backlash in the form of the CAIT’s (Confederation of All India Traders) appeal to dismissal on the grounds that internet pharmacies are not within the Indian legal provisions, it is expected that the IPO will still be launched this year.

7. SnapDeal 

SnapDeal is an e-commerce platform that has quickly become a household name/ Preliminary IPO paperwork has been filed with SEBI, and the DRHP cites an objective of raising Rs.1,250 crores through a fresh issue. This is one of the most promising IPOs that may debut in 2022.

8. Mobikwik 

Mobile wallets have become increasingly integral to our lives, especially due to pandemic restrictions. After SEBI approval, the firm opted to put its IPO launch on hold in November of last year, in order to wait for more favourable market conditions. However, it will very likely be launched within the next year or so.

9. OLA 

Ola is yet another unicorn startup that will make its stock market debut in 2022. The company focused on a growth rampage after heavy losses during the pandemic and newly-launched sub-platforms like Ola Cars have kept it prospering. It's Ola Electric launch marks the company’s foray into the OEM market in India. Hence, OLA is one of the IPOs investors are looking forward to this year.


A balanced and thoughtfully-curated portfolio is extremely essential for beginners and seasoned investors alike. In addition to acquainting yourself with investment strategies such as Mutual Fund SIPs and diversification, you will require tools and data about the latest market movements. With the help of adequate research and online trading platforms, you too can find success in your trading and investment journey. 

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