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Portfolio Management Service offers professional financial portfolio management of your PMS investments with an aim to deliver consistent returns. Portfolio Management Service relieves you from all monitoring hassles with benefits like regular reviews, strong risk management flexibility, and makes it an ideal PMS investment avenue for high net worth investors.

  • Experienced fund managers
  • Strong and active risk management
  • Diversified portfolio management to reduce risk
  • Active and regular monthly review
  • Quality stock selection

    Why Choose Us For Portfolio Management Services

    • Multiple product offeringsMultiple product offerings
    • Switch from one strategy to otherSwitch from one strategy to other
    • Access your portfolio anytimeAccess you PMS Investment anytime
    • Monthly performance reportsMonthly performance reports
    • Local client servicing across IndiaLocal client servicing across India

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    What is Portfolio Management Services?

    Portfolio Management Service is an art of making decisions about investment mix and policy to match their investments portfolio management to objectives, strategically allocate assets and to mitigate risk. Financial Portfolio Management is an attempt to maximize return for a given appetite of risk. PMS Investment runs a more concentrated portfolio of 15-20 stocks. They can either be Passive-simply tracking the index or Active-aim to beat the market return by actively managing the fund. A PMS investment can be a Discretionary PMS allowing the fund manager to take decisions without the client’s consent or can be a Non-Discretionary PMS investment wherein the funds are managed in accordance with the directions of the client and the client takes all the PMS investment decisions.

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