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Upcoming IPOs In February 2023
13 Sep 2023

The month of January 2023 was one of the leanest months as far as IPOs were concerned. Apart from just one mainboard IPO, there hadn’t been any other announcements whatsoever. In the SME segment, though, only about 5 companies came out with their public issues. 

One of the reasons for such a lackluster showing has to do with the upcoming Union Budget for FY 23-24. However, once the budget is presented on February 01, 2023, companies will get more clarity and are likely to resume issuing IPOs, especially if there are tax breaks for taxpayers.

That said, if you’re looking for more information on upcoming IPO 2023 in February 2023, continue reading out the IPO calendar to find out if there are any. 

Upcoming IPOs in February 2023 

Here are some of the companies that are likely to come out with their public issues in the month, along with an approximate valuation of their IPO. 

Name of the Company

IPO Size 

IPO Opening Date

IPO Closing Date

Cyient DLM Limited

Rs. 740 crores

To be announced

To be announced

J.G.Chemicals Limited

Rs. 202.5 crores

To be announced

To be announced

Rishabh Instruments Limited

Rs. 75 crores

To be announced

To be announced

As a prospective investor, you need to get to know more about the company behind the public issue and a few details of their upcoming IPO. Read on to find out more. 

1. Cyient DLM Limited

Incorporated in the year 1993, Cyient DLM Limited is in the business of providing Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) to various entities operating in sectors like aerospace, medical technology, and industrials, among others. In addition to manufacturing services, Cyient DLM also provides engineering and design solutions. 

Through its upcoming IPO, the company is planning to raise Rs. 740 crores by way of a fresh issue of shares. There’s no Offer for Sale (OFS) component from the promoters of the entity. The company plans to use the entire proceeds towards its working capital requirements, capital expenditure, and repayment of dues. 

2. J.G.Chemicals Limited

Established in 2001, J.G. Chemicals Limited is one of the biggest zinc oxide manufacturers in India. With an unassailable market share of more than 30% as of March 2022, the company is well poised to leverage its position as a market leader and grow consistently in the future. 

The upcoming IPO of the company comprises both a fresh issue of shares as well as an Offer for Sale from its promoters. Through the fresh issue, J.G. Chemicals Limited plans to raise about Rs. 202.5 crores, whereas, through the OFS, the promoters of the entity are planning to offload as many as 57,00,000 equity shares. 

3. Rishabh Instruments Limited

Rishabh Instruments Limited was incorporated in Mumbai in the year 1982. Ever since its establishment, the company has been in the business of manufacturing precision engineering, measurement and metering, and electrical automation products. 

The IPO of Rishabh Instruments is made up of a fresh issue of shares to the tune of Rs. 75 crores. In addition to that, the public issue also consists of an Offer for Sale (OFS) from its promoters, where around 94,17,500 equity shares of the company are likely to be offloaded. 


Now that you’ve gotten a fair idea of the companies that may come up with their upcoming IPOs in February 2023, go ahead and open a Demat account right away and get ready to invest. Visit the website of Motilal Oswal to open a trading and Demat account for free through a completely online process. 


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