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5 Technical Analysis Indicators on the MO Trader App 

05 Jan 2023

To make trading easy online, there have been various modes created specifically for that purpose. One such mode is the MO Trader app. It is an advanced online Indian trading application that allows professional traders to buy, trade, and invest in shares and stocks free of charge. The MO Trader app is fully secure and licensed. You can easily avail of it by downloading from the Google Playstore or Apple Store. You also have the freedom to simply use it through its official website. 

As the MO Trader app is an advanced online trading platform, it is important to know about its technical analytics to become a successful trader. To understand these technical analytics, you first must comprehend certain technical analysis indicators. 

5 Technical Analysis Indicators That You Need to Know:

The most fundamental technical analysis indicators that you should know while using the MO Trader app are as follows: 

1. Accumulation or Distribution Line - The Accumulation/Distribution Line indicates the flow of money, whether it is flowing in or out of a security. When the A/D line goes upwards, it indicates that the fund is coming in. But when it is going downwards it reflects that the money is flowing out the security. This indicator tends to slightly indicate sooner than other analytics which helps to tell if a sell-off or near-term rally is to be expected. 

2. MACD - The most used analysis indicator on MO Trader App is the Moving-Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD). It indicates the latest trends along with the momentum of the stocks. It technically helps you compare the short-term or long-term momentum of stock and calculate the future outcome of the stock.

3. Head & Shoulders Pattern - It is a graphical or chart analysis indicator that can indicate future selling. It appears when the stock or the security reaches its peak first to make 'shoulder' only to fall. It rises again to outperform the previous peak making the current peak its 'head'. 

4. Gaps - The term 'gaps' here represents the price gaps. This happens when a share, stock, or security opens at a much lower or higher price than the closing price of the day before. Gaps are crucial to know about as they establish new resistance lines or new support for the share or security. This indicator makes it easier for you to understand how well the stock is performing. 

5. Double Tops/Bottoms - This is a chart analysis indicator that forecasts the changing of trends. It is really easy to observe and understand the chart patterns. The 'double top' means when stock on two different instances tests a specific level of cost, and in both the instances the stock hits resistance. And 'double bottom' means when a stock price falls on both the instances and needs support. 

To Sum Up:

Once you comprehend these fundamental analysis indicators, you'd start noticing patterns of how well a stock is performing and which security you'd need to invest in to make profits. The MO Trader app, being an advanced trading platform, can help out even the beginners find a stable footing in the marketplace. 

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