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Advantages of the MO Trader app

A highly regarded brokerage firm, with decades of experience and in-house experts from Mumbai, Motilal Oswal puts customer satisfaction at the top of its priority list. The firm has more than 30 years of stock market experience, not to mention a reputation that precedes itself in market analysis and fundamental strategies for managing portfolios. Famous for providing their clients with great online features on user-friendly platforms, even for senior customers, there are also apps that give users seamless experiences. Among Motilal Oswal’s various offerings, the firm has  launched the MO Trader, helping clients place stock trading orders anytime and from anywhere on earth. It’s worth your while to know about the range of benefits you can get if you download this app.

Benefit # 1 - A Trader App Among Apps

If you are an investor, experienced trader, or someone just starting out in the complex world of trading, the MO Trader is an app for you. Easy to download and even easier to get the hang of, you get smooth trading experiences and super security while making trades. What’s more, you don’t need your laptop to trade, just your smartphone. With the hectic schedules that traders have, and more people joining the digital way of doing things, apps for trading are the ‘in thing’. Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that Motilal Oswal’s customer base is slowly moving towards the youth and trading apps for the younger generation can only bring advantages. 

Benefit # 2 - Power Trading

As far as trading apps go, you get the power to create a maximum of 10 positions spread across varied segments on one single display. The MO Trader is a trading app that offers a unique real-time and complete MTM update to track performance. Additionally, you get to have overall margin updates in real time. Hence, you learn about your utilisation of limits. Mere online trading is not the only thing that gets done with the MO Trader. 

Benefit # 3 - Information

Firstly, the app gives you information on your trading week, with summaries of trades, gains, etc. You also get the latest news on stocks and general updates on any pending orders, positions open, limits available, and margins too. Besides personal investment information, you have a grasp of the market in depth and are furnished with technical summaries. Interactive charts are also part of the resources that the MO Trader allows you access to, so you may place weekly/monthly technical indicators. 

Benefit # 4 - Alerts 

The MO Trader lets you set an alarm for prices at the desired level of value for stocks of your choosing. You also get the facility to add price alert messages. Through such a feature, you receive  notifications regarding price alerts via the app. 

Benefit # 5 - Portfolio Management 

You may be a trader, with a view towards investment. With an app like the MO Trader, you can diversify your portfolio, tracking your trades to balance your assets according to your financial aims. With reports of your trading activity, you know just when to add or pull back on certain trades. 

  • An App with Advantages 

The MO Trader lets you source over nineteen technical screeners, helping you discover the correct trading opportunities at the appropriate time. Since trading is all about being at the right spot, making the most of a moment is possible with this versatile online trading platform. 

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