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Best Education Sector Stocks In India 2023

02 Nov 2023

India’s education sector stands at $120 billion and is expected to cross $200 billion by 2025. The government has also set out the National Education Plan and the National Skill Development Corporation to improve education and impart skills training to the youth. 

The growing population, income levels and innovation will increase the demand for education (including internet-based and other digital solutions for learning and management). Therefore, the best educational companies that can innovate and change with the evolving times will outperform in the Market over time. 

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Top 5 Education Sector Stocks 

Name of the Company Market Cap (in Rs. Crore)
Veranda Learning Solutions Ltd 1243
NIIT Ltd 1639
Shanti Educational Initiatives Ltd 1044
Aptech Ltd. 1528
Zee Learn Ltd 179

Veranda Learning Solutions Ltd

Veranda Learning Solutions Limited, established in November 2018, specialises in offering a diverse and integrated learning solutions in online, offline hybrid, and offline blended formats. 

Their educational offerings cater to learners preparing for various competitive exams, including State Public Service Commission, Banking, Insurance, Railways, IAS, and CA. 

In addition to exam-focused courses, Veranda provides professional skilling and upskilling programs in trending technologies. Their comprehensive portfolio and commitment to delivering high-quality education make them a significant player in education and test preparation.


​​NIIT has been instrumental in addressing the global industry’s workforce needs since its inception in 1981. It was initially founded to aid the emerging IT sector overcome its human resource challenges. 

In terms of revenue, the demerged Corporate Learning Group comprises 82% of its revenue, offering L&D transformation services to leading companies across North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. 

The Skill & Careers Group constitutes the remaining 18%, and delivers learning and talent development programs to individuals and corporates in established and emerging markets like India and China.

They have a consumer base of approximately 1.8 million users. These users also include Global MNCs, Indian B2C learners, and many national and international universities. 

Shanti Educational Initiatives Ltd

Shanti Educational Initiatives is a venture of the Chiripal Group headquartered in Ahmedabad, India. 

Shanti's services encompass the planning, establishment, management, and transformation of K-12 schools and preschools. They offer consultancy for affiliation formalities, school infrastructure design, project planning and academic support. The company's presence also extends to Rajasthan, Bihar, and Maharashtra.

Shanti Asiatic School (SAS) runs over 6 K-12 schools across India, educating more than 25,000 students. Another venture, Shanti Juniors, is a preschool chain that has 300 preschools spanning over 74 cities in India. 

Shanti's Hopskotch is a premium preschool category catering to a niche segment, focusing on quality education, hygienic surroundings and a global learning platform. 

Aptech Ltd.

Aptech Ltd. is a trailblazer in the non-formal education and training industry. Since its establishment in 1986, it has established a vast network of 800 centres. 

Aptech's reach extends across a wide spectrum of sectors like IT, media, entertainment, retail, aviation, beauty, wellness, banking and the preschool segment. The company has achieved remarkable success by training students, professionals, universities, and corporations. 

They have also ventured into the Edtech arena in September 2021 by introducing a new brand called ProAlley. It offers self-paced online courses. 

Zee Learn Ltd

Zee Learn Ltd, began in 2010 and is a part of the Essel Group. It operates K-12 schools, preschools, and vocational academies. 

The company offers end-to-end education management and advisory services, combining Company-Owned and Company-Operated (COCO) and franchise models. 

Notable brands under Zee Learn include:

  • Kidzee:  It is the largest preschool chain in Asia.
  • Mount Litera Zee School: India's second-largest network of private-unaided schools.
  • ZICA:  India's pioneering Classical and Digital Animation Training Academy.
  • Liberium:  It provides workforce solutions. 
  • MT Educare Limited: It provides online/offline coaching services.


The educational sector is characterised by its diversity. Some companies are tech-oriented, while others offer in-person and online services. 

The increasing demand for after-school tutoring programs and the continued expansion of for-profit education will likely benefit the sector.

With a rapidly growing population and increasing emphasis on education, we are witnessing a continued rise in education companies. As technology integrates, the growth potential is higher. The best stocks belong to companies with adaptability, growth potential, and resilience, even in the tough times. 


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