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CDSL Becomes the First Depository to Open 6 Crore Active Demat Accounts

In one of the latest statements made by the chairman of the Central Depository Services Limited, or CDSL, it was noted that there is a huge opportunity for growth in investing in India. This is because it has been viewed that a large part of the Indian population is still on the outskirts of stock market investing and given the size of our population and growing interest in stocks and trading, this is touted to grow. 

About CDSL

The CDSL is the only recognized and listed depository in the country, and it recently claimed that a milestone of 6 crore active demat accounts had been opened. This is, in a very big part, due to more awareness among individuals seeking to be investors. However, Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) member, Ananta Barua, stated that awareness had to increase much more for more potential investors to be enrolled in Indian stock markets. 

In the past few years, Demat accounts have been opened by investors not just in metros, but in smaller towns and cities, showing a need for investment in the markets. What’s more, access to the securities markets has only become better with each passing day as it has become very easy to open a Demat account online conveniently. You don’t even need a laptop or computer, your smartphone will suffice for the purpose. 

Slow and Steady Growth

While you can access the stock markets easily, many concerns that investors previously had about safety have been obliterated too. The markets, if you access them online, are safe places in which to conduct your trades, and online portals like reputed Motilal Oswal, offer you a user-friendly interface which works fast and conveniently. Once you choose a depository participant (DP) with which to have your demat account, you can securely link it to a trading account and bank account. All these connections offer seamless ways of trading and transacting, and you can do all of this through one platform on one device. 

Infrastructure Growth

Gigantic efforts have been executed by the institutions that control the infrastructure of the markets. This has been done with the primary view towards the seamless functionality of  the whole ecosystem of finance. Just two years ago, this was not the case, but with advanced digital systems, CDSL is happy to report that trading and investing is no longer a nemesis to be feared, but rather, something that is lucrative to explore. While all this was taking place, the markets themselves underwent a seachange in terms of immense growth and development. This was possible mainly by dint of the ease of transacting and business operations that were provided by MIIs, like eNomination, eCAS, etc. Consequently, the building-capacity of investors was given a boost and the whole financial ecosystem saw advantages. 

Informed Decision-Making

Opening demat accounts is easy enough, but the Chairman of the CDSL, B V Chaubal, states that this isn’t sufficient to ensure growth in investing in the securities markets. The broadening of the capital market of India can only take place when more people from tier 2 and tier 3 cities come forward to join the marketspace. While 6 crores may seem like a large number, it represents only a fraction of the Indian population’s participation in the markets. 

For more individuals to enter this space, there should be more awareness built across the nation, so informed decision-making can take place. If you wish to join the world of dynamic markets in India, you shouldn’t wait to open a Demat account with one of India’s most famous brokers, Motilal Oswal. 

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