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Chasing financial goals? Just smallcase it

05 Jan 2023

The era of information overload is upon us. From news channels to websites, blogs and mobile apps, there’s a whole ecosystem setup around, presenting us with investment-related information. Supposedly, the purpose of this information is to ease the decision-making process and help you narrow down and pick winning ideas. But does it actually?

As if reading quarterly statements, following domestic and international news, and keeping abreast of macroeconomic happenings was not enough, this chain of constant information bombardment tends to create a brain fog that is the opposite of the clarity one seeks while investing. Often, this leads to either making the wrong decision or selling out in a panic when the crowd sentiment turns adverse.

What if there was a way to pick an idea or strategy that appeals to you and let the professionals do the heavy lifting of selecting and curating stocks that are suited to your investment objective?

Introducing smallcases:

What are smallcases exactly? smallcases are baskets of stocks/ETFs selected & weighted intelligently to reflect an objective, theme, or strategy. These baskets are curated and managed by SEBI-registered professionals.

The smallcase advantage:

  • Benefit from the expertise of professionals who live and breathe investments
  • Save time otherwise spent on research and tune out the noise
  • smallcases are diversified baskets and hence help dampen risk in individual stocks
  • Sticking to an investment strategy helps tame emotions during market volatility
  • Get regular nudges to keep your portfolio in line with your goals
  • The stocks are credited to your DEMAT account
  • Dividends are credited to your bank account directly
  • Track the performance of your investment, anytime, anywhere

An idea can change your life ;)

Cliched, we know, or is it?

We’ve all been noticing the rising number of electric vehicles on the streets. It’s a given that companies that manufacture the parts that go in an EV are slated to rake in good revenues from this ongoing trend. There’s also policy direction from the government that has said in no uncertain terms that they wish to promote the EV ecosystem. The stage is set! Companies that operate in the EV ecosystem But wait! How do you benefit from it?

There’s a smallcase for that! 

The Electric Mobility smallcase is a basket of companies slated to benefit from the EV ecosystem. All you have to do is invest, sit back and let the professionals do their thing.

Have another idea you think will play out well? You’ll find a smallcase for every idea you can think of.

Looking for unique investment strategies? We’ve got you covered!

Be it life or investments, having a clear strategy is the biggest advantage one can have. It helps you stay true to your goals, cut out the noise and focus on your long term goals through a disciplined approach.

With smallcases, one can create their own smallcases or invest in unique and time-tested strategies to give your investment the edge it deserves. Be it a passive income strategy that relies on creating a second income stream out of dividends or an asset allocation strategy that seeks to make the best of both worlds by balancing risk-reward through an intelligently weighted mixture of asset classes.

Whether you’re an expert trader or a novice just starting your investment journey, there is a smallcase for everyone.

Above all, you don’t need to create a new account. Log in using your Motilal Oswal credentials and start investing right away! 

Experience a simple, quick, and personalized investing experience with smallcases on Motilal Oswal.

To Choose your smallcases  Click Here

Got more questions? Check out the frequently answered questions here.


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