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Dividend Paying Stocks In March 2023

01 Dec 2023

The best stocks of 2023 give you dividends and you may want to invest in these to witness some fruitful rewards. Companies in the category of “high-dividend companies” give you dividends as part of their profits and this generates more rewards out of your investment. Dividend-paying stocks in March 2023 can set you off on a good start to your stock investment journey, yielding great returns for you and your investment. 

Capital Appreciation

In 2023, if you are in the running to open a demat account and invest in the stock market, you wouldn’t be wrong in your decision. With stocks going at discounted rates, relative to previous prices, you can invest well, seeing returns on investment in the long run, and an appreciation of your capital with regular dividend payouts. It’s a win-win situation whichever way you look at it. Don’t get deterred in your decision with thoughts of “inflation”, as the recent 2023 Reserve Bank of India monetary policy has a bright outlook, at least on the Indian front. As the governor of the RBI said that inflation may still be “well over the target”, the present outlook for India seems positive, with innovation in the development of infrastructure and digital solutions. The best dividend-paying stocks in March 2023 may just be what investors need to fulfill their financial goals. 

Dividend Paying Stocks 

The list of dividend-paying stocks for a particular month of the year, in this case it is March, usually crops up in the month itself, but there are a few on the radar currently. The month of February 2023 saw a rich pouring out of dividends from companies like P&G, Sun Pharma, Coal India and Shanti Gears, being the high yielders that shareholders eagerly await. For dividend-paying stocks in March, investors may have to wait a while, but investing in any upcoming IPO or the stock market high dividend yield stocks could see you earning big in the future months of 2023. As companies like Nestle, Torrent Pharma, IIFL Steelcast, Motilal Oswal, Vedanta and TVS Motors have given high interim dividends, you may do well to consider reliable stock for investment. 

The Best Dividend Paying Stocks in March 2023

As of now, the only companies that have announced the payouts of dividends in March are:

Sr No. Company Name  Industry
1 Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Banking
2 Hinduja Group  Conglomerate


Ujjivan Small Finance Bank  - This is a nascent bank, showing decent profits YoY with 53% sales on an upswing by December 2022. The bank has a relatively small client base with just above 59.7 lakh but is on a growth trajectory in terms of offering new services and products. 

Hinduja Global - Hinduja Global is among the largest businesses in the world, providing technology-oriented solutions within India and overseas. Among the conglomerate’s offerings are professional information technology staffing solutions, software development for call centers, claim settlements, and the like. On average, the company has yielded dividends consistently since 2007, with an impressive average of 650%.

Other dividend-paying stocks in March 2023 to look out for could be ABB India (a reputed infrastructure company), Castrol India (a stalwart in the manufacture of automotive and industrial lubricants), and Huhtamaki India (a top manufacturer dealing in primary packaging of consumer goods). 

Dividend Stocks - Your Way to Regular Rewards

Those investors who want regular gains out of their equity would likely invest in the best dividend-yield companies. These are usually large companies that do not invest or may not need to invest, all their profits back into the company. While you open a demat account and consider some profitable stocks to invest in, think of companies that have a history of generating high interim and final dividends. Even when you are researching an upcoming IPO, you may want to delve into whether the company has the potential to give investors dividends in the future. 


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