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Everything You Need To Know About Zero Balance Demat Account

A demat account is needed to buy and sell shares and stocks without the hassles of needless documentation. It's swift, convenient and easy-to-use. Just like an online demat account which mandate that the customer always keeps a minimum balance, there’s also a zero balance demat account that provides all the services of a demat account without the requirement of a minimum balance.

There are few things that need to be known about zero balance demat account:

1. Zero brokerage for all

This is a unique account that permits trading in all segments of the market without levying any brokerage charge. Whether it's futures, debt, commodities trading, equity or any other financial instruments, you can buy or sell them using this account without any charge.

2. Zero brokerage for only delivery

These accounts allow buying and selling individual stocks in cash segment at no brokerage fees. These accounts attract a lot of rookie investors who are learning the tricks of equity trading.

3. Plan-based accounts

This is a type of zero brokerage account that's mostly used by trade regularly and in bulk volume. It's most suited for intra-day traders. Customers will be charged zero brokerage but for that first they will have to subscribe to the monthly or yearly plans on offer.

Knowledge of these plans is the first step before deciding to open zero balance demat account online.

The process of searching for the best zero brokerage account that fits your needs perfectly may appear tedious if proper background research is not done. Here are a few points to keep in mind for picking up a zero brokerage demat account:-

4. Compile a list of all demat accounts

While looking for a zero balance demat account, read all the terms & conditions carefully. There are accounts that are free initially but they charge after a duration. There are unlimited zero balance demat accounts with no riders attached but very few brokerage firms offer these services.

5. Compare all plans

Once you have prepared the list of all brokerage firms and done basic internet search about them, look at the plans that they are offering, note down their key points and compare them. Also look carefully if there's any hidden cost that's mentioned somewhere at the bottom as a footnote. As the name suggests, an ideal zero brokerage demat account is one that charges absolutely nothing for transactions. Scrutinize all the plans and documents carefully to check if there's a disconnect between what's being promised and what's on paper. Zero balance demat account opening process gets simplified once you get a fair idea of who’s offering what.

6. Check pricing details

Pricing details section provide the exact information about whether or not the account would charge anything. There are some zero brokerage demat accounts that don't charge for transactions, but levy taxes like the GST. There may be other deductions as well like stock exchanges deducting their own fee which the broker may not have disclosed. It’s important to carefully check all these aspects before selecting the account. Open zero balance demat account only after verifying all of the information and comparing different plans.

Conclusion: While choosing a zero balance demat account, first check for all the plans and then figure out if there are any hidden charges or undisclosed fees. Also, keep a watch on taxes and transaction costs levied by stock exchanges that the broker may not tell if you don't probe well. Zero balance demat account opening is not difficult if the basic steps are followed unfailingly.

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