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How can We Make Informed Investment Decisions in India in 2022

Investment decisions are not easy for most of us. In fact, as more investment options pop up, it's challenging to know for certain where to allocate wealth. Therefore, it's important to ask yourself relevant questions that may be distinctive to individual financial goals. 

  • Investment Decisions

Where should you invest right now? This is a burning question in India, and not with a negative connotation, but asked with excitement. In 2021, Indian markets have been in the forefront among world economies. Coming out among the top economies by global standards in spite of the deadly second wave of the pandemic, India has surpassed expectations..With a plethora of investment options like shares to buy today, commodities trading  to invest in, and more, you may be at your wits end to make a concrete decision. 

  • What Experts Say

It has been the contention of experts in the financial realm, while suggesting tips for investing for beginners or experienced investors, that diversification of portfolios is the way to invest prudently. Putting your ‘eggs in a single basket’ may prove risky. As an investor you may feel that India has been helped by robust retail participation and flows of institutions this year, so a positive outlook is guaranteed. This may compel you to invest in a single class of assets. While you may be tempted to put all your money into stocks, as they are at all-new highs, this may not be wise. 

  • Financial Management

Making an investment decision in financial management may be difficult, but the process towards it may be simplified if you do your research. An informed decision is better than one that is made in haste, based on mere speculation without any measure of calculation or thought. The first thing to ask yourself is how much risk do you wish to take and for how long you wish to invest. Based on this, and the funds you have available, here’s how you can make your decision-making process easier and be content later: 

Low-risk Investments - If you wish to consider an investment with lesser risk and for a long term, you can opt for a PPF account, a National Savings Scheme, a Fixed Deposit, Government Bonds, Sovereign Gold Bonds, Equity-based Mutual Funds, or Gold ETFs. The most popular risk-free investments are fixed deposits. 

Risky Investments - Investment in stocks and Forex may involve risks, based on your experience and knowledge. Moreover, money management in trading is a requirement if you are going to invest in risk-related investments. Online trading is convenient and tempting, but to earn profit from it, you require smarts, knowledge and experience. 

  • Investment Made Easy

The crux of making an informed decision while planning investments lies in acquiring information before you invest. You should also assess your own individual profit-making aims and deal with a superior broker like Motilal Oswal. 

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