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How to Check Aadhaar Update History Online?

Now it is only essential to schedule a personal visit to the Aadhar centre / post office for the first time. Subsequent changes to your address or other details can be done online itself. For example, if you want to change your address, all that you need to do is to go to the website of Aadhar and then mention the changed details. You will also be required to upload proof of address which can be in the form of any of the government documents, landline bill, electricity bill, water bill, transfer deed, rental agreement etc. Once these documents are uploaded and in order, the UIDAI will modify the master database with the new address. That means, over a period of time you may end up with a lot of changes. What if you want to review or provide an audit trail of your updation to the Aadhar database? You can do that through the UIDAI website itself. Let us see how to check Aadhar update history and also how to check Aadhar authentication history. Here is how to go about it.


Keeping a tab on your Aadhar update history online

UIDAI, the Aadhaar issuing authority, has made provisions for people to check their Aadhar update history online through the official website. This unique feature will allow users to check the history of their Aadhaar details update request. As stated earlier, you can change most of the data pertaining to Aadhar online itself without visiting the centre. If you change your address, mobile number or email address, you can get them updated. This update is stored under the Update Request Number (URN) in UIDAI’s database. Users can get their biometric as well as demographic details updated offline and the update transaction can be viewed online. The update history audit trail covers all your online and offline update requests in a single place and it is always advised to regularly review the audit trail to be clear that nobody is misusing the access to your Aadhar details.


Process to check the Aadhar update history on the internet
To check your Aadhar update history, first you need to ensure that your mobile number is registered in UIDAI’s database. Only then can you avail this facility. The following are some simple steps that you need to follow.

As a first step, just log in to the UIDAI portal and ideally used a secured browser and also a secured connection since you are accessing confidential data.

Now, you can select the “Aadhaar Update History (Beta)” option from the “Aadhaar Update” section.

As the third step, enter your Aadhaar number or the virtual ID and security code. The Virtual id is a 16 digit number which you can dynamically generate so that your actual Aadhar number need not be sent on the internet for safety purposes.

As the next step, you can select whether you want to get the OTP sent to your registered mobile number or generate TOTP from the mAadhaar app. If you select “Send OTP”, an OTP will be sent to your mobile number registered with Aadhaar. Alternatively, you can also enter the Time-based OTP generated in the mAadhaar app for authentication.

Now you will be asked to enter the OTP/TOTP and click on the “Submit” button. Once the submit button is clicked, you can get a complete list of all update instances. They will be displayed on the screen irrespective of updates performed online/offline or in biometric/demographic data

What data does the audit trail provide to the Aadhar holder?
The output screen will give you the following information about the Aadhar audit trail since the beginning.

The date and time of checking the Aadhaar update history is mentioned on the screen.

The update request number (URN) generated at the time of placing the request is mentioned which is clickable.

The date when you have submitted the request for updating your details in Aadhaar is also displayed on the screen.

The type of update whether Biometric, demographic or new request is also mentioned on the screen. The photo of the user is displayed

Finally, the demographic details such as name, mobile number, email id, date of birth, gender and address mentioned in Aadhaar is also displayed on the screen.

Few important things to keep in mind when checking your Aadhar history
First and foremost, ensure that our mobile number should be linked with Aadhaar to avail this facility. This facility is only available to you and it is available only online. You can get Aadhar update status from the centre. All historical updates till that day are displayed on the screen. You can also a download a copy of the screenshot for your records.

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