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How To Start Investing Even If You Are not Rich Yet

24 Jul 2023

Most people think that investing in the stock market is a privilege reserved for the wealthy. However, like several other myths about the stock market, this one too needs to be debunked. Unlike popular notions, you don’t have to be rich to start investing in stocks and mutual funds.

The stock market today offers a plethora of opportunities for investors that come with varied fund reserves. If your current financial reserves happen to be limited, the following tips may help you embark on this investment journey:

  • Start Small

Cultivating a saving habit is one of the crucial initial steps one needs to ace before embarking upon this investment journey. While cutting costs may seem like a mammoth task, once you audit your monthly expenses, you may find some wiggle room. Opening a savings bank account or a PPF account to help with this process may also be prudent. Moreover, your small monthly savings might well be compounded in the future as your incomes increases ensuring you access to more sizable investment reserves. You can explore a PPF calculator to know how much your investment in PPF grow.   

  • Seize your EPF Contributions

If your company offers an EPF (Employee Provident Fund) scheme, investing in the same would be a prudent way to start off your journey. Based on your salary and dearness allowances, your employer matches your EPF contributions at a rate of 12%. Availing of EPF benefits helps secure your future after retirement. Letting go of this investment opportunity may be an impractical choice.

  • Don’t Be Afraid of the Stock Market

The stock market may seem quite daunting to budding investors with limited funds. Despite the risks involved in the market, refraining from investing in it may prove to be a limitation to your wealth augmentation process. With the stock market buzzing with investment options, you can find ones that best suit your needs. Whether you want to take a passive approach to investing by opting for index funds or EFTs or start your investment portfolio with a Direct Purchase Plan, you will surely find myriad options in the stock market today that best align with your budget and investment goals.

  • Online Investment Apps

Relying on technology-backed tools can be a judicious decision for a first-time investor with limited funds. Several online investment apps round-up change from your debit/credit card expenses, investing the same in lucrative stock options. Such apps help you diversify your investment portfolio with the limited fund reserves at hand. Built on the principles of Robo-Advisors, these apps also help manage your investment portfolio.


While sizable monetary reserves may no longer be perquisites for online trading, starting early remains important for reaping long-term returns on your investments. Even if you aren’t rich yet, you can be soon, if you start this journey at the right time. The sooner you start saving and investing, the more substantial compounded benefits you stand to derive from such investments. 

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