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Is It Possible For A Broker To Close Demat Account

05 Jan 2023

While dealing with the transactions of a Demat account, you might come across various difficulties and queries. One such question that might pop up in your mind is the possibility of closing your Demat account by your broker. Generally, either you or your brokerage firm can close your brokerage account. However, it is easy to close Demat account. Let's discuss the requirements and the factors that you must look into. 

Is It Possible for a Broker to Close Demat Account

Normally, if your Demat account has no dues and you can request to close your account only then the broker will execute the process of closing your account within a week. However, there are some specific brokerage rules to close your Demat account that you will find in the terms and conditions of your agreement paper with your brokerage firm. These guidelines will specify how and when you can close your Demat account. If you still have any persisting queries, you must contact your brokerage firm about them. 

- Things to Keep in Mind Before Closing Your Account:

To close your Account you need to follow broker rules and most importantly there are few things that you must look into before closing your Demat account. Those are as follows:

  • You must ensure that your account has zero holdings. Before closing your account you must sell all remaining shares. 
  • You must ensure that there is no negative balance in your account. You can verify all the details regarding your shares by logging online into your account or you can even contact your brokerage firm. 
  • You must ensure that you have downloaded the 'Account Closure Form' and other crucial paperwork which are required for the submission when you are requesting the closure of the Demat Account. 

- How to Close Your Demat Account?

You simply have to fill the closure form to close your Demat account. To close your Demat account, you must be aware of the documents required and the brokerage rules that you'll get to know by contacting your registered brokerage firms. The essential documents that are required are as follows:

  • The ID of your Demat account along with your DP ID. 
  • Details of your KYC. For instance, your address and name must match the present details of your account. 
  • Reason for closing the Demat account. 
  • Self-attested and verified identity proof such as Aadhar card, Passport, or PAN card. These documents might vary depending on your brokerage firm. 

The Bottom Line:

You must be aware of the broker rules before the closure of your account. You will get all the brokerage rules by contacting your broker. Remember to read your terms and conditions with the firm for further information. Any delay in closing your account can cost you your money. Sure enough, you wouldn't want that, right? Therefore, without wasting any time, if required, contact your broker about the closure of your account as it will even cease the Account Maintenance Charge (AMC). 

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