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Make Investment for Life with MO Investor

Investing requires an individual to be aware of three crucial elements -

‘Know’, ‘What’, and ‘How’.

The ‘Know’ element defines the purpose of the investment. This means that an individual should ‘know’ why s/he is investing. The ‘Know’ becomes a crucial element because it allows an individual to set a clear motive.

Next is the ‘What’ of the investment. Individuals can invest in several assets such as Stocks, Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposits, Gold, Real Estate, etc. But, to be actually in sync with the ‘Know’ element, an individual will have to think ‘what’ type of investment will suit his/her requirement. For example - If an individual wants to pursue higher education after 10 years then an investment in Stocks or Mutual Funds will better suit the requirement than investing heavily in real estate.

Lastly, after qualifying the purpose and the type of investment, an individual has to think of ways to ‘how’ to invest. Investment can be done through several ways - such as investment in equities, mutual funds, gold and other financial securities can be done through brokers while fixed deposits and savings schemes can be booked through banks. Hence, a clear vision can bring maximum returns to an individual.

To help individuals through all these stages of planning the investments - Motilal Oswal has developed an all-in-one investment ready app - MO Investor. Within this app, an individual can find all solutions in regards to his/her investment strategies and ideas. The MO Investor app is designed specifically for investment purposes only. This makes it one of the best investment app available online. To begin with equities investment, individuals are provided with personal dashboards wherein s/he can create a personal watchlist and keep a track of his/her favourite stocks 24x7. All investments on the account can be easily skimmed through in the portfolio section, erasing the need to check and calculate the investments again and again.

Ready-made solutions for investments such as - Intelligent Advisory Portfolios (IAPs) and Stock SIPs help individuals make a good decision in regards to ‘Know’, ‘What’ and ‘How’. These wealth creation tools are designed in a way that will understand an individual’s risk appetite and bring to him only the solutions that s/he would be interested to invest in. IAPs are expertly curated stock portfolios segregated based on performance, risk, and returns. These are created for individuals who want to invest but cannot provide enough time to manage their portfolios. With IAP, investment can be done in just 1 click with no need to make additional efforts!

Individuals opening a DEMAT account with Motilal Oswal also get free access to over 30000 research reports along with DAILY Buy/Sell recommendations assisting them invest. Not only these, but individuals can scout through multiple mutual funds schemes (growth, direct, and regular) to make good investment plans.

Investment does not only mean saving or compounding. It means building security for life. This is why individuals will also find life and health insurance policies on the MO Investor App. To help individuals invest abroad, Motilal Oswal also offers opportunities for investment in US equities in over 3500 listed stocks! Apart from all these, what makes MO Investor a true investor’s choice is its ‘Knowledge First’ motto. Learning is elemental and Motilal Oswal knows this the best. This is why individuals associated with Motilal Oswal can enjoy free learning about the Indian Stock Market on the MO Investor app through the FREE EDUMO course.

These features put together make an excellent combination to crown the MO investor app as the best stock market app available for individuals of all generations.

In other words - no matter what stage of investing you are at, MO Investor has enough to offer you in terms of Investment Advice, Tools and Education!

And in the words of the great investor - Charlie Munger

All intelligent investing is value investing, acquiring more than you are paying for.”

And at Motilal Oswal, experts insist on adding value to your investments!

Open your Free Demat Account with Motilal Oswal today!

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